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Devil's Gambit

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Adenus City is a tropical city with beautiful beaches, a vibrant amount of people and home to the successful Dianos Corporation. The city is full of skyscrapers, nightclubs and tourist attractions that make it an ideal vacation/party spot. But beneath the glamor of the city is a deep-rooted criminal empire. Gangs fight each other, thieves and murderers are scattered around, and corruption controls everything. But the greatest secret of this city is the unique people who possess supernatural abilities. Hidden from the rest of society these people have strange diabolic powers, vastly different from one another. These people don't reveal their powers and use them for selfish needs. The one thing these people share in common is that they all had a near-death experience with no memory of how they obtained this power. All except one person, Ashton Grey, a 20-year-old man who after his near-death experience recalls all of the events that happened in the few minutes of unconsciousness. The origin of these powers, the reason why people have them, and the existence of another world of monsters and daemons.

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