Yoldeik Forn

Divinity can be found in the strangest of places, as everyone in the world will know. After all, gods and their creations walk amongst us. Creatures and plants spun from the very life essences of the world, or constructs of stone and metal that have their own spark of life breathed into them.   None of them compare to the ancient majesty of the Yoldeik Forn.   Also known as World Trees, Spirit Trees, or many other names depending on where you are from, they are the subject of study, legend, and folk tale across the world. Even countries and nations that have never found one within their borders find them singular in their intrigue.   The trees themselves take many forms. Some have an otherworldly appearance; colors that shift and bend, and small fairy lights that swirl around them. Others look like mundane trees at a glance, though usually visibly larger. Only revealing their true nature upon closer inspection or to very specific individuals that they choose. These options only cover a small possibility of the physical appearance of the World Trees as well, with anything and everything existing within the realm of possibility.   The most famous example is a pair of Spirit Trees found in Geirstðr. Ones trunk, branches, and leaves are all a crystalline material, each differing in color. The trunk and branches are a deep grey-black, while the leaves are a smattering of reds and whites. The sister tree looks like a larger than average maple tree, with the weirdest thing about that one being that maple trees don't exist naturally in Geirstðr. Regular branches, regular bark. Ancient Geirstðrans even went so far as to tap the tree for it's sap for a great many uses both medicinal and tribal.   The one trait all World Trees share, however, is that every person who views one, without fail, believes they are viewing something special. A unique light within the world. It's a deep-seated, primal feeling that wells up in the hearts of man. God or mortal, the feeling is universal.   This has lead to theories that the trees are somehow tied to humanity, its inception and/or its raising, though we can only guess as to how. Those answers slipped away with the Old Gods, and may be out of reach forever.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The World Trees' uses have already been widely discussed, so in summary, they are hugely divine creatures that defy explanation and characterization.

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Average Intelligence

Above the human average.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Others can, and have, made the argument that humans themselves have a symbiotic relation with the spirit trees. Humans protect and care for the trees instinctually, and in return, the trees provide boons in various forms. Magical artifacts, Oracle-like visions, etc, etc. It's up to the tree.
Scientific Name
Terrarum Antiqua Ligno
Conservation Status
Each subject of the species is fiercely guarded by the humans that live near it. Their motivations might change between themselves, but protect they shall.   If no humans are nearby, and sometimes even if they are, animals often come to the aid of the tree if it has been put into danger.
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Across the gamete of possible and impossible.


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
2 Apr, 2021 19:55

Oh that's an interesting idea! And the header you have fits the theme of the article very well with the big trees in the middle even if it's just the one you use for all your world :D   You say the trees are intelligent. Can they communicate with people?   By what I understand, the trees where created by the old gods, and it's the new gods that walk among people in your world, is that correct?   Do the trees have special abilities apart from making the people who see them feel awe? Like their leaves/ fruits/ flowers have healing abilities? Or can people ask them some advice if they can communicate with them?   Are people jealous if other countries have a tree and they don't? do they want to conquer the place where the trees are just for the prestige associated with it?

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3 Apr, 2021 06:16

Oh, thank you very much!   Yes, the trees can and have communicated, though they often do so indirectly. If they do speak directly to someone it's usually a chosen few, though how that's chosen is unknown and most likely differs between trees.   The abilities are as varied as the trees themselves. Some seem to simply exist where they are, or boost the surrounding landscape, while others take a more direct approach to events like lightning, fire, or wind. The idea of the 'sage' spirit tree is a common one with good reason, however. Being a tree does leave one vulnerable, but also gives you the option of long-standing plans as well.   While countries with a spirit tree within their borders certainly take pride in the fact, the tree is often not viewed as a part of the nation, per say. The general prevailing thought is that the tree is simply....there. Humans and the gods exist around the trees, not the other way around. Not that there aren't people who seek to use the trees for their own ends, but most people simply don't.

War is a beast of dichotomy, of equal parts glory and horror.
7 Apr, 2021 20:32

This is a very cool idea for a plant, giving it so many varied appearances! I liked your writing style as well which made the article very fun to read. Nicely done :)

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8 Apr, 2021 19:16

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.   My style is always something I'm unsure about, so the reassurance is appreciated.

War is a beast of dichotomy, of equal parts glory and horror.
11 Apr, 2021 00:12

These sound lovely, and at the same time scary as hell due to their impact on people.