The Last Cup

Tucked away on the edge of the waterfront and higher-end districts in Stormspring, the Last Cup is a hub of the cities movements.   Its stylings are out of season, rustic even, and don't seem to wish to catch up to what modern standards would dictate the 'right' look would be. It bustles with people all the same.   You wouldn't know just by looking at the clientele, but each and every one is someone with power. Be it divine or mundane, money or political, a sliver or a majority of the pie, they all are someone that people in the know would want to know. And not the sort of people you'd want to bump into and spill their drink.   The bar itself acts as a sort of neutral ground for those whose power struggles could destabilize the city around them, or in the worst cases, the country. Saint John, the owner, proprietor, and a god who very well could be older than the city or even the country itself watches it all go down with relative impassion.


Compared to the surrounding buildings, it looks positively archaic. Even at a passing glance it looks like some lantern bearing rider would come galloping past with tidings about an enemy come to seize the powder and arms of the citizens, like the old stories.    The inside doesn't look much more modern, nor does the decor.


One wouldn't often think of a bar needing defenses, and in most cases the Last Cup doesn't.   In the few cases that it does, however, attackers have found the only defender to be Saint John and the bar itself. Most theorize that the bar is intrinsically tied to it's proprietor, not unheard of when talking about gods that have resided in the same place for an extended period, and the establishment responds to his will.   Those that have entered the Last Cup with hostile intent, have never come out again. Where they ended up is cause for speculation and a tiny sliver of concern.


The Last Cup is famous, but it's not exactly the sort of place that people seek out just to have a drink.   Not to mention that it's a place that requires you to know someone who goes to get in. Literally.    Those that show up without any connection to the Last Cup will find the doors locked and the small windows on the facade dark.
The Coffee family have been regulars at the Last Cup for centuries, and many signs of their life and livelihoods have made their way into the décor. One of Amos Coffee's ancient longswords currently sit's above the bar, cracked as it might be.
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Mar 13, 2022 21:30 by Eliora Yona

Clean article and easy to read. My favourite part was the architecture. Sounds like a place that could be potentially dangerous to new comers with money... I wonder how that would go about.

Mar 16, 2022 00:50

You have a good clean article about an interesting seeming bar. A couple of things you may consider expanding on:   What makes something of the Coffee family worth keeping for Saint John? Perhaps tell the story of the cracked sword, or other decorations of import.   Are there any staff besides Saint John? A cook or bartender, if there are clientele for the bar/tavern/building it must offer some sort of service, or is the service simply in the space that it provides and people must bring their own food and beverage to meetings held there.   Is it possible for someone who previously had access to have that privilege revoked?

Updated soon.
Mar 17, 2022 20:13 by rugrat0ne

Very nice article. I, too, want to know about staff and food, and why the Coffee family is important. You could also easily extend the sidebar to match with the article. And then there are the standard proofreading bugaboos, "it's" for "it is" and "its" for "belonging to it". Likewise with "who's" and "whose".

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