Dress Uniform of the Laidrian 3rd Army

Mortal Officers:   Considered the 'base' of the uniform, the uniform of mortal officers is silver over dark gray with matching pants. Silver piping adorns the chest as well as the wrists in a 'wreath' design. The pants have a silver stripe down the side and the collar is solid black.   The uniform also includes a pair of black leather gloves and belt, with a silver belt buckle embossed with the symbol of their assignment (Cannon, powderhorn, crossed rifles, etc).    A largely decorative, yet still functional, pair of short and long blades are also part of the uniform.  
Divine Officers:   The uniform for divine officers is identical in coloration and design, bar a few additions. A silverthread sash crosses the chest, embroidered with the gods' general department in black thread. The design on the wrist of the sleeve is changed from a wreath around the wrist to a circle about the size of a silver dollar and filled with a popular phrase in Enogaeth. The collar has two pins, the shape of the nation's animal (the wolf). One on either side.   The gloves and belt are also more intricately embellished with silver ink, giving both a particularly distinctive look, especially in comparison to the base.  
These uniforms are meant to be worn in formal settings only. No exceptions. It is expected that officers and rank and file both wear the field dress on all other occasions.   Particularly pompous officers who set out to try and puff themselves up by wearing the dress grays when it is inappropriate are itching for a covert, plausible deniability beating from any and all nearby soldiers.   Some officers, after saving up a pretty penny, will have a uniform made from Godspun for a bit of added protection. While doing so isn't disallowed for the field uniform, it is heavily discouraged due to issues with jealousy and destruction to unit cohesion.   No such qualms about the dress uniform, however. Who can turn down a bit of armor against the more direct political intrigues? It also allows for the in-question officers to protect VIPs of any caliber and still look the part while protecting them.

Manufacturing process

While the base dress grays are created like any other piece of fancy clothing, each uniform is custom-made. Tailored to the wearer by a professional seamstress.   Such seamstress are specifically contracted to construct the uniform so as to make sure it is always within regulation.


Within Laidros the military is a huge part of the peoples' zeitgeist, and as such the uniform is a recognizable signpost of status and is largely respected.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Owning Organization
3.5 pounds
Base Price
100-270 Crolling
Laidrian Uniform Color.PNG
BN1 - Dark Charcoal Grey Solid hex code 191919 by maryyx
This article makes minor reference to gods and divinity, which functions a little differently within the world of Deus Irae than one might expect. While an explanation does not fit within this article, please refer to this if you are interested in a broader understanding: Divinity


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Nice read. Sounds like quite a fancy uniform to wear I can understand why it is not tolerated to wear it in the field :p

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Nice article :D I like that you talk about people being tempted to wear the dress uniform outside of official occasion just because it looks fancy XD How expensive is it all? Is it the state or the soldiers that pay for it?

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Cost-wise, think of it as a nice tux. A standard rank and file would struggle to justify such an expense, even if it is theoretically within their reach. The state does provide it, if necessary, but it's with a sort of side-eye glance as they of all people know how officers are paid.   In any case, thanks for taking the time to comment, my friend.

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Interesting article. In my opinion, you should add information about what are mortal and divine officers. If you have it somewhere else you could link it here

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Alright. I didn't really think there was a spot for an explanation to fit within this article, I linked the relevant article in a footnote if you were curious.

War is a beast of dichotomy, of equal parts glory and horror.