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2010 SG

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The Detourverse is located on the planet earth we all are familiar with, it´s main difference is having three phases all over the spawn of a few thousand years:   1) Present day:   Our every day life with the exception that beings from other dimensions have found a way into our own, magical creatures that range from literal demonic villains, altruistic angels and those in between who only fight for themselves.   There are groups dedicated entirely to control this beings, locate and pursue them if necessary or simply keep an eye on them.   Out of all the fantastic craze going on, we also have a bit of a "Realistic" craze just like in our present day, with a nuclear doomsday getting closer everyday, big nations do as they please and are only opposed by their equals.   The inhabitants in this is phase are in the edge of annihilating themselves and even though they realize it, there is nothing much to do to prevent the impending apocalypse.   2) Newborn world:   Humans are extinct but their knowledge prevails on earth, huge databases containing every single bit of information they could preserve and a primitive version of the internet up and running can be found hidden somewhere in this post apocalyptic world.   Thing is, this places have not been found and another weird experiment humans were developing has resurfaced and began to populate the earth, passing through all the same phases of evolution mankind did before, only to take a shortcut on the beginning of the medieval phase, as the discovery of the human databases allowed them to skip all the dark ages, eliminate religion all together and allow this new species to accomplish in about a few hundred years what took humans about one thousand years.   This second phase represents the accelerated evolution and how the new species went from a semi magical driven medieval age to a retro-futuristic looking future where both energy manipulation or the so called "Magic" and technology are prevalent forces, where individuals from other dimensions still wander around in lesser amounts than before.   3) "Outer-Inner Detour"   Current point in the timeline, this third phase represents the result of several technological, political and economical advancements, earth is now only divided in five countries, space travel is in its early stages, with space ships and particular vehicles to explore the outer space begin to appear, with some countries establishing their own colonies in nearby planets, moons and huge stations, wizards and scholars still investigating all about energy manipulations, advanced artificial intelligence being part of the every day life with fully rational and independent androids living between this new species like anyone would, super powered beings appearing every day as result of a recently discovered mineral that tampers with DNA in a plethora of ways.         The main focus of this world will be the third phase although some information related to the first two will also be appearing.

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