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Piping Hot

A traditional pub famous for its lively crowd of student entertainers.

Written by David_Ulph

Aye come in come in lads and lassies, we have a fayre selection to scran or swally and a certain something if you've a set of piper's lungs on you! Everybody's welcome here, from the lone wanderer, happy couples, families or groups on a night out. Even dugs are our pals!
Publican Eilidh Farquhar
Piping Hot is a tavern and connected brewery located on the High Street in the city of Anthor, the de-facto capital of the Confederation of Wallatoria in the north. It is an old traditional, fairly high-class gastro pub in the upper district of Anthor, aiming to bring all traditions of the Wallatorian Principalities to one pallet. Just 10 minutes from both the docks down the hill and the main gate, the fayre at this tavern offers fresh native produce to all wealthy residents and travellers, as well as a ghost story or two from the publican.
Piping Hot is famous for being situated across the road from the Bardic College of Creation, whose students regularly visit the tavern on breaks to spend their money on malt whiskies from the north, gins from the west, or local ales brewed round the back of the pub. As such, the building started to gain a reputation for a lively music and ceilidhs breaking out all seven nights of the week. As the sound of bagpipers (often only playing chanters if they are freshers) playing to the beat of fiddles reached even the ears of the dockworkers who would drink and celebrate life outside the pub, the establishment changed it's name accordingly to the tongue-in-cheek name of Piping Hot.
For their live entertainment through music and making the entire pub dance from the people to the stools, the publican rewards the pipers and fiddlers with free tastes of the new batches of ale any night they play, as well as a plate of food for their trouble.

Popular Drinks

Brecani's Folley

The finest whisky from the north-east of Anthor, in the Kingdom of Rivercrown off the coasts of Shipbreaker Bay. Sourced from the finest heather of the region and not for the faint hearted. Like the whirlpool the brewery lies on the banks of, swirling aromas and torrents of deep, peaty, peppery taste lurk beneath the surface of this beautifully balanced dram.

The King's Drop

The most bought draft of ale crafted by the brewery behind the pub, and named after the period of civil strife at the beginning of the Confederacy, where the uniting High King was executed by hanging and conflict broke out between the Highland and Lowland Kingdoms. It is said that High King Malcolm Bondsbreaker, non-Aasimar descendant of the God Slangg, was hung drawn and quartered on the very street between the Piper's Rest and College of Creation, and his blood was collected and stored for decades before this very ale was brewed from a distilled portion of his blood.

The Dottach

Coming in a small dram of copper gin, named after the Old Druidic word for a small old feisty woman, the students of the College often claim this beverage from the Principality of Yorgrim is aptly named. Brewed from the sugar kelp harvested from sea-lochs running into the Copper Sea, and softened by the fresh, low-mineral rainwater which streams down Ben Wyvern, it is known as the true expression of Yorgrim's maritime traditions.

Ghost Story

One of Anthor’s best known ghost stories concerns a young bagpiper who disappeared without a trace. Back in the day, a secret tunnel was discovered beneath the Castle, heading down the High Street towards no one knew where. As the opening to the tunnel was so small, a young boy was sent down with his bagpipes to investigate. He played the pipes loudly as he walked through the tunnel, so people above ground could work out where the tunnel went.
Around the College site the shrill of the pipes stopped. Despite search parties being sent to find the boy, he was never seen again. With the piper presumed dead, the tunnel was blocked up - but many people still report hearing the faint, ghostly sound of underground bagpipes to this day. When you drink your piece at Piping Hot, listen carefully, as you just might hear the faint sound of the lost piper boy playing on his chanter.
Alternative Names
The Bard's Rest Tavern (Old Name)
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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Author's Notes

Ah now this was fun to bash out on a whim. Obviously, not too much in-universe thought put into this article due to the prompt challenge nature of it, but it is heavily influenced to my two lives, with coming from an island community based around alcohol and ceilidhs, and living in Edinburgh full of old pubs, ghost stories and lone pipers walking down the Royal Mile. Hope you enjoy!

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