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Destiny Campain

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1000 years ago, Humanity had entered a golden age from the sudden appearance of a being known as the Traveler. It started with Pluto, changing the planet's surface, then Jupiter. First contact however, was on Mars.   Human lifespans tripled, Wars ended, hover tech, jump tech, mass colonization of other worlds, reintroducing animals and fauna to their former habitats. it was a time of discovery, beauty and wonder.   But nothing lasts forever. there are many theories as to what caused the event. some say a darkness brought on by the slow corruption of the human race. others an invading armada. other still suggest monsters of shadow that hunted the traveler. nothing is certain, but now humanity stands on the brink between invading alien races that would enjoy nothing more to take what little we have left.   But we have our warriors to combat them. Our legends. Do you have what it takes to become one?

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