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The Kingdom of Castra (Caastara)

Castra is a Geopolitical, magocracy that is the main financial and political powerhouse of Despoina. The main calendar is based on the birth date of its founder Uk and has been in a period of economic prosperity and peace for a very long time. It is currently ruled by a council of 3 mages that are the direct descendants of Uk. They set laws in place that are created to benefit the people and meet the needs of all its people. They use their individual magic abilities to bless their lands and continue their prosperity while also training other mages in the usage of certain magics.   Castra's main income comes in the form of trade with other civilizations as they are the only ones who can sustain agriculture to any degree. Because of this Castra has a lot of political and economic power however their military strength is weakened because they started sailing later than the other kingdoms. They have adopted a policy of diplomacy and peacemaking with the other civilizations not getting involved with minor wars and conflicts. Castra occupies the largest continent and its main religion is Decedents of Uk.   The population of Castra is about 1,500,000   and the surrounding boroughs have about 60,000   Town have average populations of 25,000   the villages are 10,000-5,000   and the smallest ports are about 500

Public Agenda

They aim to make peace with the other nations in a effort to unify the world like their own was once unified.


The wealthiest nation, practically unlimited supply of food, weeker military, a grand castle surrounded by cities


The development of Castra as the main power in the world was not an easy one. Starting off before the golden age of sailing Castras landmass was war-torn between 3 different warlords know as the Tamil kings. No one fucks with the Tamil Kings. They fought fiercely over the land flattening large parts of it through the usage of magic and destroying the forests of the land. After 100 years of war, a great reality bender (a type of magic-user) known as Uk  (meaning the sunrise) united the 3 kings into the central kingdom.   Soon after the scorched lands now rich with nutrients from the burned trees and foliage agriculture was developed. Since they were the only growing civilization to actually have land they used it to grow crops for their people and quickly grew. Uk life as the unifier was short-lived as he was such a powerful entity it leaked out of his mortal body and took his life force with it. After his passing his children (significantly less powerful magic users) took over and since Castra has lived in economic prosperity sharing all to those who need it. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.   After even though they are currently the strongest financially they entered sailing later than the other kingdoms making their military power slightly weaker. Because of this, they adopt a doctrine of diplomacy with others trading their food resources in exchange for goods and political power.

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Geopolitical, Magocracy
Alternative Names
Castra, land of plenty The magic kingdom land of grain kingdom of Uk

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