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Shai Hulud (Shy Ha Lood)


As a Lich players are inclined to believe that Shai is a bad fellow however that is not necessarily true. as the leader of the Nezathan necromancer settlement Shai is the most powerful among them. He is very helpful toward the adventuress if they approach him and the town with kindness however he will absolutely rock the shit out of anyone who fucks with his town. Because he is a Lich the only way to defeat him is to destroy his Phylactery which is a small wooden box in the heart of the mountain where the spirits of the dead reside. They guard his Phylactery with their undead lives and vow to never let anyone mess with is. Shai is the one who established the settlement 31 years ago after the end of the great war making it as old as The Kingdom of Castra is. He invited in all the displaced peoples after the war and because of that a huge %50 of all magic users live in Nezathan.
Date of Birth
Before recorded time
Current Residence
Dark hollow and adornerd with vines his eyes are made of plant matter
No hair bald :/
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale and boney

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