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Desolia is a world born from the destruction of two others. One a world of men and science, the other a world of fae and magic. These two worlds overlapped and orbited each other for millions of years, the degree of their overlap waxing and waning every millennia or so. That is, until one day when the worlds were forced apart, and a barrier erected between them.   That barrier lasted for all of one hundred generations, before it disappeared and the worlds it divided crashed into each other like two soap bubbles merging. The great works of fae were turned to dust, the works of men swallowed by the earth, and all their miraculous achievements became their undoing.   These are the legends still told today, another one hundred generations later. Empires have risen and fallen, borders have shifted, and new legends have been written. Across the world, men and fae thrive in a new coexistence, finding new envelopes to push and eking out new glories.