Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Mavka, Asena, Keitha, Affra, Makatsa, Hateya, Adsila

Masculine names

Emlen, Ananthu, Kosumi, Calian, Dakota

Unisex names



Common Dress code

Mupresdi who don't want to risk accidentally shifting into an animal form will either wear all plant-based clothing or will accessorize clothing made of animal skins with a degun wood ring, as the wood and leaves of the degun tree prevent Crodengu from shifting. The Mupresdi who prefer their human form often wear animal skin coats corresponding with their preferred animal shape so that they can shift easily if the need arises. Other Crodengu prefer their animal form(s), but wear plant-based clothing when they must take on their human form.    In either case, Mupresdi skins are marked so as to set Crodengu apart from common forest creatures, protecting them from hunters and enabling Crodengu to identify one another while in animal form. These marks might be embroidered onto or burned into skins and will reflect a personal variation on a Mupresdi's clan symbol. Branding/burning is the original method and it is still used among older and more traditional Mupresdi clans. Embroidered marks are more common among newer or more progressive clans.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Generally speaking, Mupresdi don't mess with the coat-skins of other Mupresdi. The most notable exception is if there's an intention to court, in which case the interested party will return their love-interest's coat-skin, often at the end of a visit.   Among Mupresdi clans that prefer their animal forms, returning a Mupresdi's degun ring is considered an affront, as if you're demanding that they don their human disguise. In clans that prefer their human form, on the other hand, returning a degun ring is a sign of respect.   Marriages among the Mupresdi involve the exchange of the individuals' degun rings as a sign of trust. If a ring doesn't fit on the spouse's finger, the spouse will instead wear the ring on a string around their neck.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Mupresdi babies are given semi-permanent bracelets made of degun wood to prevent them from accidentally shifting if they get wrapped up in an animal skin.

Coming of Age Rites

When a Mupresdi turns twelve, their degun wood bracelet is replaced with a degun wood ring, enabling them to begin shifting between human and animal forms at will. These rings are carved with the designs of a Mupresdi's clan by their grandfather in the days leading up to a Mupresdi's coming-of-age ceremony.


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24 Jun, 2022 21:25

Shapeshifters are so much fun! I really like the use of rings to help control their shifting.

27 Jun, 2022 18:48

They are! The Crodengu's different cultures/factions are all really interesting. The Mupresdi cover the main two (those who prefer their human form and those who prefer their animal form, though both maintain rules and boundaries around which skins are acceptable to use and which are out-of-bounds) and their interactions alone are interesting, but then you throw in the more villainous Crodengu clans and things get *really* interesting. (I really need to get some more of my notes into WorldAnvil. XD) There are just so many options with shapeshifters and it's so fun to explore! Thank you!

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