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Malfata (Ruin)

Sounds of civilization died several miles ago, and you haven't even passed another soul on the road for the past three. When you reach Malfata, you realize why. Sandstone rubble lies in heaps where a wall would have once been, half-buried in yellow-orange sand. Inside the once-barrier, lion cubs play atop the ancient foundations of ruined homes, the only remaining evidence that humans actually lived here. You take a moment to imagine what the city would have looked like before it was destroyed, but it only causes a wave of deep grief to wash over you.   A gryphon soars down from the mountain, leaving behind its camouflaged roost, but it plummets from mid-flight with a spear embedded in its side. Your head snaps around as you search for the source of the spear, but your driver is already yanking you back into the cart.   "We have to get out of here!" he yells.   "It's supposed to be empty. Who's there?" You're still searching the ruin for any sight of human life, but the gryphon-hunter seems to be biding its time for you to leave.   "I don't know." The driver goads on the horses hitched to your cart and you're barrelling away across the uneven sands, an unquenchable curiosity sparked in your mind.


Malfata was built in the corner of a mountain wall that encloses the valley of Kersir, many of the homes delved into the rock. Though it doesn't often get direct sunlight due to its surroundings, the rugged beauty of the red and brown mountains, orange sands, and--once--yellow stone architecture cannot be denied. Once, Malfata was a great inspiration to Algeran artists, and many paintings depicting the city and its surroundings still remain in the recesses of Alger's history vaults.

Fauna & Flora

Malfata was once a city filled with Algeran citizens, but in 1016 it was violently destroyed in the Mordon invasion of Broader Alger and Eilis. Now the ruins are mainly inhabited by lions, hyenas, mountain goats, and--rumor says--djinn.

Natural Resources

Many ores are found in the mountains around Malfata's ruins, including gold, iron, bronze, and copper. There are also the natural stones, of course, such as sandstone and agate. As far as wildlife is concerned, the mountains are home to ibexes, tahrs, mountain gazelles, and gryphons.
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