The Marcionite Catholic Church (marsh - uh - night)


The Marcionite Catholic Church is considered to be one of the "Big Five" religions alongside Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.   Marcionism started off as a sect of Judaism roughly 2000 years ago. It is more or less the same as the Roman Catholic Church of our world but with one major difference: They believe in two Gods.    The God of the Spirit, a transcendent being with no physical form is their higher Deity. His name is Elohim   The God of the Material, a being on Earth who was the one to create man in their image is their lesser Deity. Their name is Adonai.   Elohim is associated with the Christian God, a being that is all knowing, all powerful, and righteous. Adonai is associated with the Jewish YHWH, whom Marcion saw as a vengeful being.


Title Description
Pope The head of the church, a Bishop elected into office
Cardinal Members of the College of Cardinals, head Bishops of the church
Archbishop Heads of the Archdiocese, a region of smaller diocese
Bishop Religious leaders, they uphold the Sacrament of the Holy Order
Priest Baptized preacher, receiver of the Sacrament of the Holy Order
Deacon Ordained minister, assistant to Priests. Typically a Seminarian who is studying to become a priest.
Laity The Congregation, the people who follow the religion


  • Sect of Judaism, started in the early 1st century with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus and his apostles spread the word
  • Until Jesus was crucified
  • Later sources say that he was ressurrected, but that was not common knowledge at first
  • Adonai made sure that no one but the Mother Mary knew about that
  • After Jesus' death, the apostles separated and started creating churches where they could spread the Word of the Lord
  • There was much contention in the churches, particularly between Paul and Peter, about whether they should allow Gentiles to convert without following Jewish Law
  • Peter was willing to allow Paul's gentile converts to disregard Jewish Food Law until missionaries from the Roman church came to visit
  • Paul confronted Peter only to have all of his allies, including his travel partner and closest friend Barnabas, side with Peter
  • Paul left his church then
  • He left to spread word to gentile converts about how they were accepted, left to start speaking of apocrypha, left to spread what he believed the true Word of God to be
  • This culminated in Pauline teachings and letters
  • Enter: Marcion of Sinope
  • Marcion believed in a mix of Gnostic and Pauline teachings
  • Believed that Jesus Christ was a new, alien deity that was sent to Earth by the Lord his God
  • Believed that this new Jesus deity was separate from the Vengeful God that created the world
  • Believed that Paul was the only apostle
  • Created the first New Testament Canon
  • As far as we can tell, at least. We do not have evidence of an earlier collection of canon scriptures
  • Believed in a higher God, on of the Spirit, and a lower God, one of the Earth
  • For my purposes, these will be Elohim and Adonai respectively
  • Believed that the Christian Church was completely disconnected from Judaism and went so far as to say that the two were incompatible
  • Marcion spread his teachings through the Gospel According to Marcion
  • Believed to be an edited version of the Gospel According to Luke
  • This is where the history of Desecrate separates from our world

  • Marcion was not shunned for his beliefs, as heretical as they were
  • Instead he was believed, the Laity of the proto-orthodox church saw what he was speaking about
  • Of course there were two Gods, how could God go to the Garden of Eden and ask where Adam was if He did not have a corporeal form and knew all?
  • His church and teaching quickly spread through what few members of the proto-orthodox church there was
  • Eventually, his teaching reached the church in Rome, from which he was excommunicated years prior
  • The Roman Church put up quite a fight in adopting Marcion's teaching, but eventually adopted them
  • By this time, Adonai had already been captured and imprisoned
  • Marcion strived to create a 'Universal' church
  • Lead to the name: καθολικός (katholikos) means universal in Attic and Modern Greek
  • Now we are back to the history of our world, but the Marcionite Catholic Church has replaced the Roman Catholic Church

    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

    Founding Date
    July 16th, 1054
    Religious, Organised Religion
    Alternative Names
    The Roman Catholic Church, The Church, The Gnostic Catholic Church
    Predecessor Organization
    Ruling Organization
    Leader Title
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