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The world inside a popular romance novel, Desckon is home to the characters of Our Beautiful Love. The country is split into five territories, three of which are controlled by The Three Kings, and one of which is under the reign of the Head Mage. The fifth territory is neutral, recognized as the capital of Desckon. The Three Kings and the Head Mage all answer to the mysterious yet powerful Emperor of the fifth region, who hasn't been seen by the public in years. In this land of his, conflict is stirring. The Three Kings, sons of the elusive Emperor, are growing more and more aggressive as the years pass by. The people suffer as relations become tense and trade almost ceases under threat of execution. The western territory, known commonly as the Land of Magic, suddenly seals its borders off, the day before an impromptu council meeting is called. And on that fatal day...the land of Desckon splits for good. With each territory declaring itself its own nation, open war is on the horizon.  In the following years, the eastern region rises to power and is quickly forcing the others into subjugation. It's only when, eight years later, the novel's stunning female lead, Elandra Penela, appears that the future starts to look hopeful.   ...until a certain someone manages to screw things up.

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