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The stars are living beings, known as Thrones, demiurges who shape and maintain the laws of reality. On the world of Desarrin the star, Pharos, rules as a god. In long ages past he punished the world for their iniquities in an age of darkness, destruction, and insanity. Now it is a new dawn; his dawn. His followers spread across the great continent of Antaroth, subjugating nations and their gods. All people will bow before him. All so-called gods will encircle the Throne of Heaven or face utter destruction beneath his glorious gaze.   The world is not well. It was broken in those ancient days of wrath and rampant destruction. Venture beyond the walls of your village, town, or city and the world becomes a strange, dangerous place. Lost civilizations dot the landscape. Ancient horrors stalk the nights (and even the days) just outside the city gates. Only faith in a god or gods can provide a barrier against these nightmares. Desarrin is a world in turmoil as religions wars rage across the land and powers ancient, both benevolent and wicked, are locked in a brutal battle for the future of the world.   Fear the dark. Fear the light. Welcome to Desarrin.

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