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Humans come from the continent Agra, named after the age-old empire that ruled over most of the continent. The early humans of Desaroque were explorers, adventurers, and in some cases criminals who sought to live freer lives on the relatively empty continent, establishing human colonies. Somewhere along the centuries, The Empire of Agra broke down and fell into chaos, full of revolutions against their tyrannical lords and got fractured into several different political entities, each still harbours enmity and warring against each other for centuries. This is the start of the mass migration to Desaroque, where humans can live in relative peace except for the occasional scuffle between them and the native inhabitants. The relations between humans and other races were tense in the beginning, but different human settlements made alliances with particular races to have better chance of survival, entangling themselves with the established politics of Desaroque in the process.   The fall of Agra is a frequently taught history throughout the centuries however, and humans of Desaroque still remember the chaos of the broken-down empire. They are careful, forming more alliances and political rivalries more than they wage war with each other. That being said, relations are tense and not all the human nations are on equal footing. Isoharia and Aunzil for example, currently see more success than Strojvin and Braizus-Nairod. Details on the distinct culture of the 4 human nations will be detailed in Nations of Desaroque.   And what become of the continent Agra? The empire at the end of its days tried to claim Desaroque as its colonies to no avail, new countries rose from war and others fell into isolation. Magical wars resulted in numerous Aether Scars, creating a dangerous environment for people to live in. The Agrian people still exist in a sort of a dark age, but efforts for peace seems lacklustre and a lot of humans had left for Desaroque a few centuries ago. As Desaroque flourishes, Agra falls. And it is a source of bitterness among the noble rulers of Agra. Embassies of Agrian countries can be found all across Desaroque, although only for powerful nations. Rumour has it that some of them employs spies to copy Desaroque’s successes to help their factions to reconquer Agra and make it one again.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Around the Bay of Xomní, eastern Desaroque

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Empire of Agra, Isoharian Confederation, Strojvin, Republic of Aunzil, Braizus part of Braizus-Nairod.

Scientific Name
Humans (of all ethnicity)
70-100 years
Average Height
160cm - 185cm

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