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World Anvil Summer Camp 2023 Pledge

1. In July, 2023, for the World Anvil Summer Camp, I plan to write articles of 300 words or more for at least 32 prompts to get a Diamond certificate.     3, 4. Given that the first theme of Summer Camp 2023 is Power, I would like to explore the family dynamics and power struggles within the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland, fleshing out the personalities and motivations of King Einar Tachibana Larssen, his brothers and sister, his wife and children, and members of the Sudland government. The Character Relationship features will be especially useful for this.   In addition, the ways that Edan and the Drow Elvirim of Yfel insinuate their power and evil into Sudland and all of Derkomai has not been thought through and fully developed. What are the organizations and who are the individuals that serve Edan, and what are his and their motivations and plans? Diplomacy Webs may be useful for developing this content.   5. The vision for Derkomai described in the world meta is still relevant today. Derkomai is a big, open world, first created over 40 years ago as the D&D campaign setting for my player group, several years before Faerûn was first described in the Forgotten Realms D&D campaign. Derkomai is a world in which GM/DMs may create their own campaigns, and it is hoped that it is big and diverse enough that myriad interesting stories can be written and acted out.   EDIT: The second theme of Summer Camp 2023 is "Frontier." Derkomai has lots of frontier areas that I have been planning to address. Nyllamanne is a no man's land (thus the name) between Koyon and Yfel. Little has been written about that frontier area. The enormous swamp land known as Myria Sashi (The Impassable Jungle) is waiting to be described and mapped. It is also interesting as it is the home base of Hsing Jenlee and The Red Flag Fleet, as well as flora and fauna not found anywhere else on Derkomai. The Steppe and The Great Equatorial Desert, and several other areas are all candidates for further exploration. It's always good to leave some areas a mystery, though!   For the extra credit homework this week, I don't have much to do for that, as I am diligent about categorizing articles, and have categories set up and organized the way that I want them. They're even presented alphabetically!   EDIT 2: The third theme of Summer Camp 2023 is "Relics and History," and I'm excited for this one! Derkomai has a rich history (maybe mostly in my head at this point!) that is waiting to be written. The history of humanity on Derkomai began with the The Fall from the Stars. More of it is elucidated in the background of Edan, and some is hinted at in names of cities and places, e.g. Daskar taken from no longer living characters, like Elahe Daskar.   And what about The Fall from the Stars? The Grand Imperial Historians of the Great Sacred Empire have the earliest written record of that myth in the first volume of The Book of History of the Great Sacred Empire. What truth lays behind it? Is there any physical evidence (relics) remaining of that cataclysmic event?   The past is a mysterious place, so I don't want to document the history of Derkomai in too much (unnecessary) detail, but there are several opportunities to create powerful relics, ancient prophecies, myths, and writings, forgotten dungeons and tombs, and much more that provide more hints as to the true origins of humanity on Derkomai. And the other sentient races on Derkomai? What are their origins? What are the stories and myths of their creation?   What adventures can be created around the mysterious and as-yet unknown history and relics of Derkomai?   EDIT 3: The last theme for Summer Camp 2023 is Communication, and is this one totally interesting or what? I haven't thought much at all about how communication happens on Derkomai, other than developing the Sudkou language to some degree and making mention of Nodkou. But what about languages spoken by other sentient races of Derkomai - the Elvirim, Dwarvirim, Orkrim, Drow Elvirim, and others? Are their languages mututally intelligible or not? Why or why not? Are there people that can translate? What structure do those languages take? Do they have written forms? Do Magi have any special language(s) that they use for spells? Why or why not? Do military units, perhaps especially those that perform covertly, and/or spies have silent sign-based languages, like the Atriedes battle language referenced in the Dune series?   And how about long-distance communication? Janet Forbes discusses this in her article. To maintain a kingdom, presumably at least one means, and probably more, of long-distance communication is needed. How reliable are they? How secure are they? Is any kind of code or cryptographic technique used? What about communication at sea, as in the The Red Flag Fleet? Often signal flags are used on ships, and I've made some references to that in the article the on Little Duckling, but are any other methods used, in light of the strictures on optics laid out in the Praxis Illicitus? Are signal fires used? Carrier pigeons? Are other birds or animals used to semi-independently carry messages between known places? Signal balloons? Smoke signals?   Are there magical means of communication, perhaps through the Divination school of magic? Do the leaders of countries rely on a Magus to know what is happening throughout their country?   What about everyday, mundane communication? Do people write letters to one another? How are they delivered? How often? Is there an organized postal service? Do caravans perhaps carry letters and packages for a fee?   I have a million questions - and no answers. Yet. I'm looking forward to the prompts!


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9 Jun, 2023 13:15

Good luck on your quest for diamond! You've got this :D what kind of articles do you enjoy writing the most?

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
11 Jun, 2023 05:21

Thank you for the encouragement! It's hard to say what I enjoy most, but if I had to pick one thing, I think I'd say articles about characters. If I have a bit of inspiration, I think it's interesting to create a backstory for a character. If you're interested, check out my article about Edan (under Personages/Yfel in my categories). There are a few other character articles I've written that I think are okay, but I'm not a professional writer. I'll have to check out your world as well!