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Wise Bill

Bill Deschamps (a.k.a. Wise Bill)

If Bill can’t get it for you, he’ll know someone who can. Despite his notoriety as a gossip and a bit of a busy-body in other peoples' affairs, Bill's widely known for being good at heart and a great source of goods, if not information. A lover of being in chatty company, you'll often find him in places like the Copper Dog Tavern down at the King's Dock where he likes to encounter familiar faces and those fresh off the boats.   His store is in Northern Low Town on Ash Row and is called Bill's Dazzling Den of Enquiry. On hand, you can always expect to find sugar, tallow candles, yarns of wool, moonstones carvings (unblessed in any capacity), trinket-chests inlaid with wood-patterns and an up-to-date book on horses for sale from Shoefort, his hometown, and other local villages.   Bill has a rounded belly and a leathery face like a well-worn thumb. At 52 years old, he feels the cold much more in his years and, as such, dresses in a lot of layers. You'll often see him wearing a hat that covers his ears to the point it might as well be his hair.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Wise Bill grew up in the Hoof Plains outside of Tucapon. He was part of a small grange where he learnt all there is to know about horses. His parents left the Hoof Plains when he was about 14—his mother got a job as part of the city guard.   Bill started working in stables. With his gift for the gab, he picked up odd bits of work here, there and everywhere. He made himself many friends in all walks of life.   One day, when he was 23, he was offered a job by a merchant who needed someone to help him organise his stock and help entertain his guests. Bill left the stink of stables behind. Under Dornun’s tutelage, he learnt a wealth of knowledge about sugar, cotton, and moonstones.   By 30, however, Bill realised that Dornun was never going to give a fair cut of the profits, considering how useful Bill had become at closing deals and spotting fine products.   Disgruntled and pissed off, Bill saved his earnings and finally bought his own shop to do business. He specialises in finding exceptional goods at great prices. His good nature, chatty spirit, and honest countenance only ever gained him friends over the years, and by word of mouth, his business took off.   He loved his mother dearly, but she died a few years ago in 859. His father has gone back to the Hoof Plains and lives and works in one of the smaller livery communities.



Bill has a 'commoner's twang', which only makes his charismatic and chatty nature more appealing. He can get lost in a tangent when asked a simple question and tends to overshare, but his stories are part of his charm.
Current Location
Year of Birth
Green-brown, full of spark
A thin mop of greying-brown hair.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I know a good horse and can always get a good price."

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