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Diplomatic Advisor Trill (a.k.a. Stinkbird)

200 years ago, aarakocra were once the servants of other species, and since winning their freedom have always lived apart from civilisation. So when Trill was appointed as Diplomatic Advisor to the Lord Mayor of Tucapon, it was met with mixed reactions. Soon after his appointment, Trill was invited to Clémence Duval's party celebrating the Festival of the Heart where he was surprised to see Lady Duval reveal her true feelings about him. Throughout the night, he suffered snide comments and even one of his feathers being plucked by a wealthy merchant called Olivier Marchand. After a public confrontation with the Lady Duval, Trill left the ballroom and promptly discovered a kerfuffle in the study. Here he found (unknown at the time) Princess Tinúviel rifling through the Lady's belongings. The Princess was disguised as a servant who had piqued Trill's interest when serving dinner for her evident ability to speak more than a couple of languages.   Unfortunately, Lady Duval herself discovered the two of them, but her accusations were interrupted when a mysterious figure appeared in the hallway. They slashed Lady Duval's throat, making it look as if Trill had murdered her with his talons. Many people rushed to the sound of her cut-off scream, but a select few were chosen to help investigate the crime scene. Among them were Lieutenant D'arc, Gladiator Tatiana and Demon Jim. After a long night of murderous pondering and surviving an elven uprising, the Captain of the Guard decided Trill was not guilty but demanded his assistance in catching the real culprit.   Their hunt for the truth led them to one of the most famous Pathfinders in Tucapon, Maggie Blanco, who took Trill's necklace in exchange for interpreting one of his recurring dreams...   Despite uncovering the assassin and the Captain announcing that Trill is innocent, the aarokocra was no longer well-received at functions or invited to parties as many nobles felt his involvement in the case tarnished its results. Hiding his severe hurt, Trill devoted his attention to Tatiana, his new best friend, and invited her to live with him in his fantastic apartment in Crystal Heights.   Still deluded with dreams of grandeur, Trill got rights to keep his elven servant employed and continues to live lavishly. But whenever he ventures from his marble bird bath and local shopping districts to help Princess Tinúviel or Captain Vallen, he cannot stop looking for the interpreted signs of his dream...

Physical Description

Body Features

Many red feathers. Despite his magical prowess, a strong wind could probably blow him over. Thank goodness he was born to fly.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Trill's family settlement lies on the slopes of the Star Metal Mountains. Recently, aarakocra elders detected changes in the prevailing winds that they regarded as a bad omen.   Trill, an eager volunteer to see the lower worlds he had read about, set off into the bustling Tupacon city scene to find answers about what the omen could mean. To begin his investigation, he headed to the famed Glass Library for information.   However, Trill very quickly became distracted by the shiny trinkets and jewellery that was often bountiful in high society. Forging instant and strong relationships with notable members from House Duval, Chevrolet and Vicentes, his natural charisma, exotic race and affinity for 'flashy magic' allowed Trill to quickly schmooze himself into the inner circles of the city's most important citizens.   He formed strong bonds with Maester Amanda Vicentes by translating difficult texts for her, and it was she who suggested Trill as a formal translator in diplomatic matters. At this time, Lord Mayor Eresin Duval was trying to forge a trading agreement with Northdell, a drakon city. Since Northdell rebelled and broke away from the Denmorian Kingdom 29 years ago, relations have been touchy. But with Trill's impressive grasp of the drakon language, he helped to forge the trade agreement of a lifetime. A year later and Trill is still enjoying the fruits of his success.   Now, as a translator and performer among the elite, Trill has all but forgotten his elder's warning of a bad omen and continues to live the high life, earning a living by translating for emissaries, entertaining Eresin at formal functions, and carrying out research with Amanda Vicentes. Although, since he was framed (and soon found not-guilty) for the murder of Clémence Duval, his social standing is on wobbly legs.

Current Location
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Trill's egg was taken to the summits of the Star Metal Mountains because the sky-stream was low among the peaks. This imbued his soul with rare, powerful magic that draws its energy from the sky-stream.
Golden and striking
5 ft
Known Languages
Common, Aarakocra, Drakon, Elvish and Escarian.

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