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The City Siren

If you need a loan, a promotion, a special audience, or unofficial assistance resolving a social matter, then the City Siren can help you. First you must speak to the blacksmith, Oriana, in Eastern Low Town, and she will give you a key to meet one of the Siren's underlings. If the underling thinks you will accept the Siren's gifts humbly and with discretion, you're in luck.   But if you can't repay the debt you owe...your ruin will rain upon you.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The heroes of Tucapon discovered that the City Siren is actually three women.   Octavia Monette Octavia is the mastermind behind their group, keeping extensive ledgers on names, loans, debts, incomes etc. She's also the most famous actress in Tucapon. Beautiful to behold with curling brown ringlets, blue eyes and a voice like honey, renowned for treating everyone she meets with grace and courtesy, Octavia has dozens of officials eating out of her palm.   Pyrrah la Pons Pyrrah is a sculptor first and an architect second. Her art is scattered across the city and highly sought after. With tightly bound, wine-red hair, a hawkish nose and severe face, Pyrrah's public appearances are minimal. But her famous statues are secret doorways. With the right talisman placed upon the subtle glyphs on her work, you will be transported to a specific location linked to the artwork.   Simmone Cordier Simmone is the property master and set designer for the Grand Fountain Theatre. With an explosion of honey-brown curls, a booming voice and air of wildness, she is devoted to helping Octavia's underhanded business. Simmone deals with the lackeys who carry out their dirty work. However, since their cohort, Director Gustave, was arrested for stealing money from the theatre, Simmone has taken up his role in procuring rare and exquisite artefacts as well.

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