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Princess Tinúviel

Princess Tinúviel Lothlórien

Kind of obnoxious, but not just because she's used others expecting her to take charge. Tinúviel is a fierce protector of the weak and will go out of her way to help those in trouble, especially other elves. She does not back down from a challenge, especially when her pride is stung, and is distrustful of most humans, but not totally indiscriminate.   As her new companions have found out, Tinúviel loves to go shopping—the kind of person who can't help but stop at every stall in the market to pick up trinkets or stroke pretty dresses. Her newest friend and follower, Diplomatic Advisor Trill, discovered this when he felt pressured into buying her a rather expensive dress to disguise her fancy chailmail—112 gold, to be exact.   Stars know how long her soap supply will last, but if you get close enough, you'll notice Tinúviel has a lovely coconut and Shea butter aroma. Usually.   Her final and strangest quirk is that you might notice Tinúviel talking to herself... None of her companions knows it, but the Goddess Melora has chosen the princess to serve as her vessel. She offers guidance and wisdom that only Tinúviel can hear, appearing to the princess as an ethereal cat—glowing green and with fiery orange eyes.   On the 18th of Palesun, 862, Tinúviel swore the Oath of the Ancients to Melora, vowing to destroy evil and protect the light. A true paladin destined for greatness.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aside from her unwilling brother, Tinúviel is the last surviving heir of the once prosperous Elven Kingdom that ruled from Tucapon. It was sieged and lost when she was just two years old. Her elder brother smuggled her out of the castle through a hidden passage, deep into the mountains. During their escape, however, he was severely wounded. The only way to save his life was to amputate his leg from the knee.   She grew up under the instruction of druids and drakons, under the watchful eye of a small, secret court, all of whom expected her to one day lead a resistance and rise up against Denmoria to reclaim her throne.   When the King of Denmoria fell in battle, Tinúviel heard the voice of her beloved deity Melora. The elven goddess called on Tinúviel to oppose Denmoria's rampant spread across the land, to hunt the abhorrent monsters that stalk the innocent on her travels, and take back Tucapon to reestablish harmony between the north and south.   So, with the help of her closest advisor, Therin, leading a resistance group called Swords of the North, Tinúviel returned to Tucapon 119 years later. Her current goals are:  

  • Convince the people of Tucapon that she would be a just and kind ruler. That she cares about her people, unlike their current overlords.
  • Find ways to make the commoners of Tucapon believe in her capabilities and right to rule. Help people in need. Rid the city of problems to show that she can do a better job than the current establishment. Set up a network of supplies, crafts and professionals to help elves in the enclosure. This network will be an ever growing expansion of Swords of the North, thereby spreading the word that she's alive and a kind princess.
  • Forge strong allies who will back-up her claim to the throne and fight by her side. Convince nobles to turn against the Denmorian Kingdom. Find people with strong connections to trade and crafts. Win the arakocra, drakons, Southsunder (a small city), towns or nobles in outlying villages to her cause.

Personality Characteristics


On the night of Clémence Duval's murder, Tinúviel snuck into the Lady's party as a servant and attempted to steal a map from her personal collection. The map depicts a tomb of Tinúviel's great-great-grandfather, who had legendary armour forged that only can only be worn by members of the royal Lothlórien line. She intends to find that armour to prove her claim to the throne.

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Current Location
Year of Birth
Green and righteous
Short, chestnut brown
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Drakon

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