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Lieutenant D'arc

Lieutenant Aiilov D'arc

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aiilov was born in the Gilkirk Shires with a natural sense of wanderlust. By the time she was 20, she couldn’t help but kiss her parents goodbye and set off to the nearby city in search of new hot foods, stories and music. At Southsunder, she found the dwarven people made for loyal friends, believing one could count on them to keep their word, and that their craftsmanship in weapons, armour and masonry was incredible.   She spent many years learning to cook, to play music and enjoying the city life, but never losing touch with home through her connection to nature.   She befriended a number of the local guards from frequent game nights at a tavern. When her friends in the guard explained they had a long trip to make in search of a fled criminal, Aiilov offered to come along as their cook and—being a Druid—to help with tracking. Along the journey they taught her the basics of fighting.   When they returned to Southsunder, she felt honoured when her friends asked if she’d consider joining the Guard. So she did. They trained her every day in the art of combat, but still, Aiilov gained a reputation for resolving disputes and disruptions without having to draw her weapon.   [SPOILER]     Aiilov spent 9 years in prison. Every year, she chose to fight in the Tucapon arena to reduce her life sentence by two years, or die trying. Every year, Aiilov won the fights.   At 45 years old, after her 9th successful win in the arena, the Captain of the Guard started visiting Aiilov in her cell to question her about her life and imprisonment. She was surprised to learn that Captain Vallen spoke halfling, and even more surprised when the Captain announced that she believed Aiilov was innocent of her crime. She offered Aiilov a deal, granted by the Lord Mayor: join the Tucapon city guard as her Lieutenant, or stay in prison.   Aiilov chose to serve under Captain Vallen. They often joke about leaving the city one day to let it rot under its own corruption, but Aiilov’s fierce sense of loyalty keeps her close to Vallen, despite her burning desire for revenge and redemption back home…

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Current Location
Year of Birth
Gilkirk Shires
It's hard to tell their colour when she looks so angry all the time
Long, wavy, auburn locks
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I'm taking that for evidence."
Known Languages
Common and Halfling.

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