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Jimothy (a.k.a. Demon Jim)

Not actually a demon, just a stage name, Demon Jim is a famous bagpipe bard—at least in Arcatera, the capital city. In Tucapon, he's just a weird half-elf with a weird elven instrument. No matter how hard he tried to spread his music in the Grand Fountain Theatre, the city's most prestigious venue, the manager never gave him stage time, and to make matters worse, his entire fortune was burgled only six months after moving into town.   In desperate need of money, Jim begrudgingly agreed to play the lute at Lady Clémence Duval's party, celebrating a national event in honour of Colours of the Heart. When the Lady Duval is murdered at her own party, Jim follows the sound of her scream and meets Trill, Tatiana, Lieutenant D'arc, Captain Vallen and Princess Tinúviel (the latter disguised as a servant). But rounding up the guests and solving the murder is the least of their troubles. Rebellion breaks loose, fires are in the streets, the elves rise up.   As a friend to the princes of Denmoria, when Jim learns he's met the last surviving heir to the elven throne, he is not pleased at all. With terrifying powers of mind, Jim helps solve Lady Duval's murder, but warns he is absolutely opposed to helping the lost "queen" Tinúviel further any plots against the Demoniran Kingdom.   A week later, when Demon Jim is performing at the Copper Dog Tavern, in full bagpipe fashion, he is pulled into another web of murder and mystery with the princess and her new friends. They embark to destroy the Fear Carta, a thuggish group spreading violence and terror in the name of Chains of Fear. The Carta kidnapped a child from a hunting clan, and they seem to have ties to the person who robbed Demon Jim. Starting their investigation, Wise Bill sends them to see a halfling who suffered terribly because of the Fear Carta. Surprising everyone, Demon Jim employs the halfling, Clarise, as his assistant, his heart moved by her awful plight and traumatised state, perhaps knowing how terrifying it is to have all your money stolen.   They defeat the leader of the Fear Carta, leading to the discovery that they were employed by the City Siren. Coming to a mutual agreement with each of the heroes, Demon Jim bargained back all of his money in exchange for not exposing the City Siren's identity.   But things did not get much better for Demon Jim, at least, not for very long.   Having helped Lieutenant D'arc solve crimes a couple of times, she summoned him to a special mission in the Mosswoods where a terrible disease was starting to spread. Engaged in a far more pressing bagpipe performance, Jim arrived late and, to everyone's disbelief, swanned in and solved a few ghostly issues without meaning or trying to. Despite his initial blundering yet helpful involvement, Jim took a turn for the worse. As the party hunted for a long lost treasure, Jim didn't stop to look at the glyphs on the treasure box and deliberately ignored the ghost who warned him not to touch it.   The box drained his life. His new friends all but drenched him in vitality potions, restoring him to consciousness, but not to full health. In a twist of fate, the Keeper of Sadness restored Jim's tether to life, but at the cost of inflicting him with profound melancholy over his past, present and future woes. As Jim spent the following days recovering, the melancholy faded a little, leaving him with perspective, but touching the box has cost him greatly in ways his companions have yet to discover...

Mental characteristics

Personal history

  • Grew up in Arcatera
  • Father taught him bagpipes
  • Never knew his human mother
  • Demon Jim got famous and is friends with Prince Valentino and Prince Benjamin
  • I've tried Google image searching but cannot find the artist. If you know who painted the picture above, please leave a comment. Thank you!
    Current Location
    Devious and sparkling with bizarre charm

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