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first year of the thirtieth age.

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Demus the World maker forged the world with his own hands. He walked the woods changing each detail to his liking, forging the mountains and filling the oceans. He took beasts and monsters and crafted the beings of Man and Val. But he is not the Fair deity that the races of man Teach, for he also released the Beasts into the Woods and waters, he gave plague and famine to the world. Nor is he the ever watchful master that the races of Val know, as he gives lesser beings his power and ignores his followers suffering.   The World forger, to disperse his responsibilities takes rulers and people of high character and gives them the mantle of godliness. Each time a crowning of gods occurs a new age passes. Be it the God king Idus god of man, hero's and War, founder of bluewind Palace. Or Ailas god of vel and the forest, uniter of tribes. There are many minor gods, some govern the same ideas as the tension between the races culturally prevents them from worshiping gods of different races.   Man. Founder of cities and conquer of enemies they are not overly strong nor do they have the intelligence of the gods, what they do have is courage and hope beyond reason. The races of men have forged their Empire in the rocky warm coasts of the island Idusia named for their patron and founder of the capital of bluewind. Though Man have claimed their island home Colonies and forts Can be found on the mainland and other islands.     Val. The brothers of man and friends of nature. They Spend their days in The woods hunting and fighting. The Vel are similar in appearance to man but taller and stronger. They are under a loose confederation meeting in the makeshift capital Skytree Hall once a year. Them and man are enemies, fighting over dominance of earth and heaven.   The beasts of Demusia are varied from the lone deer to armies of Massive spiders. These beasts are not always uncivilized, the term simply refers to creatures not given the gift of godhood, on the island of Idusia the Nohirus fought with man for centuries eventually they were broken at the battle of Lumnet Fjord. Some creatures have been domesticated for use of the godly races, like cows, horses, and dogs. The depths of the ocean is stalked with large fish and Kracken.   This brings us to now, the dawn of the 30th age soon after the crowning of new gods: The man Odkri and the Val Igta. Outrage however was struck when the priests of St. Pesim cathedral annonced that Odkri, the lord of whitcom hold and priest of Arpton basilica would be placed as god of Farmers whereas Igta was instated as goddess of sport. The races of man took it as an insult, the races of val mocked men for their disloyalty to Demus. Fenrir Silver-Hilt has been crowned Emperor of all men. Goren Fardove is now liege of the Vel confederacy. These two nations are tense wishing for dominance of heaven and earth they make ready for war.

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