Introduction to Demonfall

It is the duty of humankind to carry out the duties of the slumbering Divine Avatars. To ensure this world remains. But the Darkness, it is relentless. The Wretched Ones dreaming upon the day that our world of light and warmth is replaced with darkness and cold.


  Ages have passed since the Divine Avatars awoke from their first slumber. But now they have returned to their sleep, leaving humankind the task of keeping the world from falling from to The Darkness.   You
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may live in the great city of Valos or a small village without a wall. The Darkness does not care. For where there is light, there is shadow. And when you are touched by a tendril of the shadow of the Darkness, you find yourself drifting away. All that you were, or ever were to be fading away; your very essence, your very humanity fading from existence. Your eyes close, your mind becomes dark. Your memories are gone. Who are you? You hear the echoes of tongues foreign and incomprehensible. And although you know not of the strange words, strangely enough, you understand this: consume. Consume all that is light and leave behind only shadows.   Or perhaps you are fortunate enough not to be touched by the Darkness. You pray to the slumbering Divine Avatars. You pray that their dreams are dreams of a continued world of light and warmth. A world where light overcomes darkness. For in your heart, you fear what you do not know. You fear the unknown. The unknown that hides in the darkness of the hearts of humankind. The unknown of that which you cannot see. You take up a sword, or maybe a bow. Perhaps you are gifted enough to wield magic or even be blessed to perform the Holy Arts of light. Either way, what you must do is fight for the survival of this world...lest you succumb to the Darkness and become one with its dream.
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  The Divine Avatars are asleep, the Avatar's Champions all performing the soothing lullabies to ensure the Holy Entities' dreams remain on the path of light and warmth. But can mortal-kind keep the Darkness and its Wretched Ones from disturbing the Holy Entities, devouring them, gaining their insights, and inevitably plunge this world into permanent darkness?

The Ascended Entities

The Holy Entities

The Holy Entities are incredibly powerful beings that exist in their unique dreamlike planes of existence and the world of humankind. They are unseen and are often revered as Gods of Light and Warmth, for it is believed that when the Holy Entities are awake, their dreams become realities.

The Divine Avatars

When a Holy Entity awakens, it's said that it takes the form of something that humans can comprehend. These Divine Avatars often take the forms of dragons or even a form of a human.

Avatar's Champion

Each Divine Avatar has a champion that personally serves them. These champions have received insight into the Holy Entities' eldritch knowledge, allowing them powers no other mortal could attain or even comprehend.

The Darkness

The Darkness is described as an extremely powerful demonic and unseen entity that has a disgust for the desires and motives of the Holy Entities. It's observed as an evil entity and is feared by mortals.

The Wretched Ones

The Wretched Ones are great demons of the Darkness that have emerged from the Darkness's dreamlike world. These demons are incredibly powerful, able to challenge a Divine Avatar. Often described as the Great Agents of Shadow, these demons are twisted and grotesque beasts and monstrosities that hold fractions of the Darkness's knowledge.

What is Demonfall?

  There once was a time when the world of Demonfall was one of serenity and bountiful joy. But that was when the Divine Avatars were still awake. Now they sleep, no one knowing when they will awaken once more. With their slumber, the world of Demonfall turned into one of peril. Once there was a time when one could have hope, but now, with the coming of the Darkness, hope is but a dream nearly forgotten.    Demonfall is a dark medieval fantasy with a dash of cosmic horror sprinkled in. Not much is known about the full extent of the world of Demonfall, save for the continents of Sathith and Leithis. My primary intent for this world is to serve as a setting for a series of novels and short stories. Although an idea on the backburner, perhaps even in the future I could consider building an RPG system for Demonfall (although I have no clue on how to do that).


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Your world looks interesting. Also, I really like the graphical style of it.

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