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The people of the sea. The Triton race was created by the Primordials of the Plane of Water. Though within the same genus as mermaids and Sahuagin, Triton are much more highly evolved and have their own cultures and civilizations both above and below the ocean's surface. For the longest time Triton only concerned themselves with the happenings of the sea and its deepest reaches but noticing the peace brought about by the Formation of the Grand Library have become more interested in taking part in the world above them.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Amphibious: Can breathe water and air

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Triton civilizations are all centered deep under the various oceans, the highest amount along the mountainous ridges and ravines of the Eastern Expanse. Recently many Triton have been starting to settle along the coasts of Ankroth, mostly sticking to port towns in warmer climates. Some villages have also been settled within Mastra and Goldport.
200 years
Average Height
4'11" - 5'10"
Average Weight
110 - 200 lbs

Cover image: Medieval Town by Jung Yeoll


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