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ince The Formation, the Masters as an organization have pushed to move the continent of Ankroth and its people toward a unified collective to help share knowledge and create peace for all. Based out of The Grand Library, the organization has seen many members come through its halls but there are never more than 8 at any one time. The Masters, though not technically a governing body, hold great power over the lords and leaders of the various townships and cities in Ankroth. They are seen as higher than noble and are revered as the most powerful citizens of the continent. Every Master that has been selected for the organization have brought something to the Grand Library that was deemed worthy to be added. This pursuit can be done by any individual of any race or creed as the main goal is to continue to grow the knowledge of the world overall.


The Masters are a body of 8 rotating positions, each spot representing one of the original masters. The leader of this body, known as the Grand Master, is chosen by the surviving members after the previous one passes away. Grand Masters stay in their position until they decide to vacate the position (something that rarely occurs), they have the power taken from them (as per a vote of the other masters), or they die.   Supporting the Grand Master are the 7 other chosen Masters, who are also members until death. Only a few in history have left or have been removed prior to their passing.
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The cities help fund the Grand Library, therefore the Masters, as well as their families, are well taken care of.   Since the Masters throughout history have had to embark on massive adventures in order to be chosen many of them took on party members to help them to succeed. Once a Master is chosen, those who followed and supported them are given the title of Champion. Though the Champions are not at the beck and call of the Masters, they are the relied upon group to get involved if the Masters require muscle support.


Before the Formation of the Grand Library, the continent of Ankroth was filled with individual cities, villages, and civilizations that mostly kept to themselves. War was commonplace as strength of military was considered a true measurement of the cities and their people. A young elf felt like there was more to life than constantly bickering and fighting neighbors and set off to learn everything he could about the world. Elysuen Moondew set off on an adventure that would culminate in the Foundation of the Grand Library and the beginning of a new Ankroth.   This adventure culminated in the gathering of incredible persons, each bringing something unique to the group. Through the use of great knowledge and power they brought the continent together using diplomacy and support. Once the Great Library was established, the main eight members of this adventuring party became the first Masters of their respective lines. Each original Master is recognized by their associated robe color as well as their specific specialty:  
  1. Elysuen Moondew - Navy Blue - Master of Abjuration Magic
  2. Kane Reynard - Red - Master of Conjuration Magic
  3. Reverence - Powder Blue - Master of Evocation Magic (Ice)
  4. Song - Yellow - Master of Evocation Magic (Lightning)
  5. Lanrick Swiftwhisper - Light Purple - Master of Illusion Magic
  6. Zincerys Attington - Amber Orange - Monk, Way of the Four Elements Master
  7. Adren Lifebringer - White - Cleric, Master of the Death and Life Domains
  8. Mantix Manyform - Hunter Green - Master of Transfiguration Magic
  Since then many have taken on the mantle of Master. Click here for a list chronicling the historical members of the organization:  
Masters Throughout the Years
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