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Mixed heritage, though common in other races, brings with it a certain complexity when it comes to Half-Orcs. The bridging of the two cultures they originate requires strength and resiliance as well as compassion and empathy. Caught between the towering might of their orcish lineage and the subtleties of their human heritage, Half-Orcs face a perpetual struggle to find their place in a world where they never quite fit in.


Anatomy & Morphology

Physically, Half-Orcs bear a robust and formidable appearance. They inherit the formidable build of their orc lineage, characterized by muscular frames, prominent jawlines, and tusks that vary in size and shape. Often towering over humans, their skin tones range from earthy hues to deep greens, complementing their rugged nature. Possessing keen senses, Half-Orcs have an innate affinity for survival, making them exceptional trackers and hunters.

Geographic Origin & Distribution

Half-Orcs lack a fixed homeland, dispersing themselves across the continents of Ankroth and Phezari. Fueled by their nomadic nature, they thrive in diverse environments, adapting effortlessly to their surroundings. While some gravitate toward the outskirts of bustling cities, immersing themselves in the vibrancy of urban life, many are irresistibly drawn to the edges of civilization and the untamed wilderness. There, they forge a deep connection with nature, navigating the blurred boundaries between society and the wilds. Half-Orcs become masters of survival, harnessing their physical prowess and innate resilience to conquer the challenges that come their way.

Culture & Cultural Heritage

The cultural identity of Half-Orcs is as diverse as their backgrounds. Embracing the nurturing values of human communities or the brutal warrior traditions of orc tribes, Half-Orcs forge their destinies through an amalgamation of influences. Many struggle with a sense of belonging, navigating the prejudice and misconceptions that surround their mixed heritage. Yet, their resilience and adaptability make them valuable allies, and some manage to rise as influential leaders, fostering understanding between humans and orcs.   In the realm of adventuring, Half-Orcs excel as formidable warriors and fierce protectors. Their innate physical prowess, combined with their capacity for empathy and resilience, makes them invaluable allies on any quest. Some Half-Orcs rise as influential leaders, leveraging their unique position to bridge gaps between cultures and promote unity.
75 years
Average Height
range from 5 to well over 6 feet tall
Average Weight
155 – 225 lbs.
Average Physique
Powerful and Imposing


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