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Striding along the frozen wastes or vast plains, the stone faced Goliaths and their nomadic clans make unmistakable tracks everywhere they go. With their towering frames and indomitable spirits, Goliaths bring an aura of raw power and resilience to the realms they inhabit.


Anatomy & Morphology

Goliaths are known for their colossal size, often standing over 7 feet tall and weighing well over 300 pounds. They possess powerful, well-defined musculature, reflecting their exceptional strength and physical prowess. Goliaths exhibit a range of skin tones, from deep earthy hues to pale gray or blue, often adorned with intricate tattoos that tell stories of their achievements and tribal affiliations.   Their facial features are typically broad and chiseled, with piercing eyes that reflect a deep sense of determination and focus. Goliaths often grow their hair long and braid it intricately, incorporating elements of their tribal traditions and personal style. Both males and females boast impressive physiques, with females often possessing the same strength and stature as their male counterparts.

Geographic Origin & Distribution

Goliaths are drawn to high-altitude regions, where the air is thin and the landscape rugged. They make their homes in the remote mountain ranges, scaling treacherous cliffs and carving out shelters amidst the rocky terrain. Goliath communities can be found nestled among lofty peaks, where they form close-knit tribes and forge deep bonds with their mountainous surroundings.   While Goliaths primarily dwell in their mountain strongholds, they are not isolated from the world. Many Goliaths venture beyond their ancestral homes, drawn to epic challenges and feats of strength. They can be found traversing vast expanses, exploring dangerous wildernesses, and seeking opportunities to test their mettle.   Many Goliath clans have taken to the nomadic lifestyle, following set paths between their strongholds. These rovers typically stick to a long established route. Settlements tend to pop up along the path of the route allowing for the clans to settle for a time before they move on. The most well known routes in Demis include the Walking Way that goes between Dreistan and Woodborough in Ankroth, the Great Snow in the Wastes of Strihia, and Ruin's Pass in Phezari.

Culture & Cultural Heritage

Goliath culture revolves around the ideals of strength, challenge, and honor. Tribes are at the center of Goliath society, and each tribe operates under a distinct set of traditions and values. Loyalty to one's tribe is of paramount importance, and Goliaths take pride in their tribal heritage and ancestral lineage.   Challenges and contests play a significant role in Goliath culture. They believe that only through facing formidable trials can they truly grow and prove their worth. Competitions range from physical feats of strength and endurance to mental challenges and strategic games. Goliaths respect those who demonstrate exceptional skill and determination, valuing bravery and resilience above all.   Honor is deeply ingrained in Goliath society. They hold their word as sacred, and breaking an oath or betraying trust is seen as a grave offense. Goliaths also revere their ancestors and draw wisdom from their stories, preserving tribal histories through oral tradition and the passing down of ancestral artifacts.

Civilization and Culture

Common Dress Code

Most Goliaths prefer the freedom of movement that less clothing allows. Both men and women will tend toward only wearing what is absolutely necessary based on the communities that they pass through or the weather that they need to endure.
  The slate grey skin that all Goliaths have is typically adorned with dark tattoos and markings based on their achievements or relative cultures within the clans.
75 - 85 years
Average Height
approx. 7 feet tall and taller
Average Weight
avg. 310 lbs
Average Physique
Towering and Powerful

Cover image: Medieval Town by Jung Yeoll


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