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Stalwart beings with a deep connection to craftmanship, mining, and the preservation of their ancestral homes, Dwarves embody resilience and the pursuit of excellence. Their sturdy build reflects their unwavering determination to reach the pinnacle of their chosen craft.


Anatomy & Morphology

Dwarves are known for their robust and compact physiques, standing shorter in stature than many other races. They possess muscular frames with broad shoulders and powerful limbs, reflecting their endurance and physical strength. Dwarven skin tones vary, ranging from deep earthy hues to paler tones reminiscent of stone.   Dwarves often have magnificent beards, a source of pride and a symbol of their wisdom and experience. Both male and female Dwarves can grow impressive facial hair, meticulously grooming and styling their beards as an extension of their identity. Their hair, typically thick and lustrous, comes in shades of black, brown, gray, and even fiery red.   Their eyes, often deep-set and piercing, exhibit a keenness of perception and a discerning gaze. Dwarven eyes display a range of colors, including shades of blue, green, gray, and hazel.

Geographic Origin & Distribution

Dwarven communities are commonly found within the heart of mountains, delving deep into the earth to uncover precious minerals and gems. Their natural affinity for mining and craftsmanship drives them to create magnificent underground cities, known as strongholds, complete with grand halls, forges, and intricate stonework.   While Dwarves primarily dwell in these subterranean realms, they can also be encountered in settlements above ground. Dwarven enclaves, trading posts, and fortresses are scattered throughout the lands, often strategically located near important trade routes or regions rich in natural resources.

Culture & Cultural Heritage

Dwarven culture is deeply rooted in a sense of tradition, craftsmanship, and honor. They have a profound respect for their ancestors, often building elaborate tombs and ancestral halls to honor their memory. Dwarves conduct regular ceremonies and celebrations to pay homage to their forefathers, recognizing the wisdom and guidance passed down through generations.   Craftsmanship is at the core of Dwarven culture. They excel in the arts of blacksmithing, stonemasonry, and engineering. Their forges produce legendary weapons, armor, and works of art, renowned for their durability and meticulous craftsmanship. Dwarven goods are highly sought after, prized for their quality and attention to detail.   Dwarven society is organized into clans, with each clan operating under the guidance of an elder or a council of elders. Clans work together to ensure the prosperity and security of their communities. Loyalty, honor, and trust are deeply valued virtues among Dwarves, forming the foundations of their strong social bonds.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Though the success of the entire hold, fortress, or city is the overall goal of all dwarves, they have an intense loyalty to their family and the related clan house. Elders are given the most power and gender does not matter when determining power. A female leader receives as much respect as a male one.    Dwarves across all ethnicities have two main things that determine success and power between houses, the first one is strength so having a strong personal guard or army is incredibly beneficial. The second meter is measured in creative talent. Since they believe that they themselves were the greatest creation of their god they put a lot of emphasis on creative perfection. Those of the clans that are particularly talented in these arts, whether its carving, architecture, blacksmithing, or even jewelry making, gain a large amount of sway within their communities, in turn giving power to their house.

Civilization and Culture

Historical Figures

Fridga Forgecoat
Domila Forgecoat
350 years
Average Height
4'0" - 5'0"
Average Weight
150 lbs
Average Physique
Stout and Solid

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