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Descendants of the mighty Dragons that once held dominion over the realms and played a pivotal role in shaping the world, the Dragonborn have forged their own path and emerged as independent beings of strength and resilience. No longer bound by servitude to their draconic ancestors, they have formed their own clans that stand as testaments to their unwavering spirit. With their boisterous nature and indomitable will, the Dragonborn have set out to leave an indelible mark on the world at large, carving their own destinies and blazing trails of glory and honor.


Anatomy & Morphology

Dragonborn bear a striking resemblance of their dragon ancestors, featuring reptilian scales that cover their muscular frames. These scales can vary in color and pattern, mirroring the unique characteristics of their dragon ancestry.   Bipedal and standing upwards of seven feet tall, Dragonborn are noticable in any crowd. Their large and sturdy feet have an upward tilt and are flexible and capable of movement, allowing them to walk, run, and engage in various physical activities with agility. They possess three primary toes, each ending in strong, claw-like nails. These nails are usually sharp and durable, capable of providing traction and stability on various terrains.   One of their most iconic features is their snout-like muzzle, which houses a fearsome set of teeth. Dragonborn also have elongated, powerful tails that serve as both a balance aid and a display of their draconic lineage.

Geographic Origin & Distribution

Dragonborn have a very strong clan mentality and believe that their survival depends on the others within their chosen homestead. Most will be found with other Dragonborn of the same ancestry building their own villages and cities. Many young Dragonborn can be found in the most populous city centers as they are extroverted in nature and are interested in being the center of attention.

Culture & Cultural Heritage

Dragonborn society revolves around honor, loyalty, and a strong sense of duty. They embrace a code of conduct that reflects the ideals and virtues of their draconic heritage. Courage and integrity are highly prized, and Dragonborn value the preservation of life and the pursuit of justice.   There is great importance placed on lineage and family ties. Dragonborn honor their ancestors and strive to maintain the legacy of their bloodline. Stories of heroic deeds and dragon ancestry are often passed down through oral tradition, ensuring that the history and wisdom of their people endure.   While Dragonborn may appear reserved to some, their stoic nature hides a deep passion for their pursuits. They excel in various fields, including magic, craftsmanship, and martial prowess. Their innate connection to elemental energy grants some Dragonborn the ability to breathe destructive or transformative breath weapons, further reinforcing their powerful presence in battles.

Civilization and Culture

Common Dress Code

Most Dragonborn prefer armor that depicts the symbol of their clan. Leather and metal armor are the most typical choices.
80 years
Average Height
approx. 6 feet tall and taller
Average Weight
avg. 250 lbs
Average Physique
Athletic and Strong

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