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With their origins rooted in the Plane of Air, the Aarakocra inherited the grace and agility of birds while transcending the boundaries of their avian ancestors. Their presence in the world is scarce, as they traverse the skies in nomadic tribes, always seeking new horizons and untouched vistas. Within their nomadic tribes, bonds of kinship and friendship are treasured, and the concept of unity is paramount. Each Aarakocra holds a deep respect for their tribe, and they work together harmoniously to ensure the well-being and safety of all members.


Anatomy & Morphology

Aarakocra possess a fascinating blend of avian and humanoid characteristics. They have feathered wings extending from their arms, granting them the gift of flight. These wings are often vibrant in color, with patterns reflecting the plumage of real-world birds. Their humanoid torsos are adorned with feathers that sometimes accentuate their necks or shoulders.   Despite their feathered forms, Aarakocra lack hollow bones, maintaining a humanoid skeletal structure that allows them to navigate both the skies and the land with ease. They stand on two feet and stand upright due to an evolved backbone. Their feet have two long toes in front and one going back allowing them to lift things with their feet. The ends of each toe ends in a talon. Aarakocra eyes often possess a keen gaze, reflecting their affinity for observation and vigilance.

Geographic Origin & Distribution

Though many in type, Aarakocra are not known for large communities and many decide to never have offspring. For those that do, they do not expect their children to remain in their various villages for the entirety of their lives. Aarakocra are known to wander for most of their lives and many never actually root themselves to one location.   When they do decide to build their own communities they favor remote mountaintops or perches atop colossal structures, where they construct their nests and dwellings. These elevated habitats allow the Aarakocra to soar freely and maintain a watchful eye over the lands below. There is no one bastion of the Aarakocra population known within Ankroth at this time. Their presence can be found in various towns and cities, where they integrate with other races, offering their unique perspectives and aerial expertise.

Culture & Cultural Heritage

Aarakocra culture is deeply rooted in their connection to the celestial realm and the natural world. They revere the avian deities and spirits associated with the heavens, paying homage through rituals, chants, and dance. Their songs echo the melodies of the wind, resonating with the harmonies of the cosmos.   Aarakocra value cooperation, unity, and the balance of nature. They prioritize communal well-being, with decisions often made through consensus within their nests. Their society emphasizes personal freedom and responsibility, understanding that every individual's actions affect the collective whole.   Aarakocra hold a reverence for knowledge and wisdom, valuing the accumulation of experiences and ancient lore. They are eager to learn and share insights, engaging in philosophical discussions and seeking understanding of the world and its mysteries.

Civilization and Culture

Common Dress Code

Aarakocra prefer to wear loose fitting clothes as they typically have incredible pride in their plumage.

Historical Figures


Common Myths and Legends

There is a common myth that circles Ankroth that all Aarakocra actually do know of a "homeland" and will often venture there as a sort of pilgrimage. This is used as an explanation as to why they can be hard to find throughout the continent.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Aarakocra will typically stick to their own. If given the option they will choose to adventure, mate, and live with other Aarakocra, especially if they are of the same origination. Hunter Aarakocra prefer other Hunter, Songbird other Songbird, and so on and so forth.
75 years
Average Height
approx. 5 feet tall
Average Weight
80 - 100 lbs
Average Physique


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