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Classic European Dragons

For information on dragons as a whole, see Earthling Dragons.
  What many western humans think of when they hear the word "dragon". The family Continentus in the order Eurodelphia possesses all of the classic traits—scaly, serpentine skin, tail, and neck; lithe, feline body and legs, vague bird-of-prey-like head; leathery bat-like wings; fire-based breath-weapons. During the european middle ages, these dragons often acted as guards and gatekeepers to the underground ecumonopolis the held the rest of Dragonkind, making them some of the most encountered, and thus, well-known.   There are a handful of genera which had adapted to the various environs of western and central Europe, including Monsidae (from Latin mons "mountain") or the Mountain Dragon, Arboridae (from Latin arbor "tree") or Forest Dragon, and Fluvidae (from Latin fluvius "river") or the River Dragon.   Continental Dragons are known for collecting and hoarding items of great personal or sentimental value; a common stereotype being gold, gems, jewels, and other traditional human valuables.

Naming Traditions

Other names

Continental Dragon names are often cognates with medieval european names.


Common Dress code

Continental dragons don't have much in the way of true clothing, though many my adorn themselves with valuables or articles of personal expression. Many, however, do partake in having some sort of cover or protection for their genetalia: usually a simple cloth that easily blends in. or camouflages, with the surrounding hide as to be highly innocuous.

Common Taboos

Every continental dragon has what is known as a "trigger", something they care about so deeply they can do little to control their emotional response regarding it, positive or negative. It is greatly looked down upon to intentionally agitate someone's trigger, especially for personal benefit.


Courtship Ideals

A common courtship practice for Continental Dragons is the exchange of key items from each other's hoards. It is believed that the more similar the contents of each recipient's respective hoards, the more likely any potential relationship is to succeed.
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