Kaen Helem

Archangel Kaen Helem (He/him)

Kaen Helem* was the founder and first Archangel of Rothos. He formed the nation in 75 AW, 25 years after he founded his city: Helemia. Shortly after founding Rothos, he went to war with the nation-state of Stoca, which had been slowly exerting more and more power over the trade in Helemia. Kaen succumbed to an infected wound in 79 AW, shortly after the final battle of this war. He was 404 years old.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kaen was born in a small farming community before The Great War. When he was thirty, his younger sister — Yenna — was born. Unfortunately, his father — Sadon — died in a house fire only ten years after Yenna's birth, leaving the still-not-adult Kaen to care for her so their mother — Avelot — could work as a seamstress and laundress to provide for them.
Kaen, upon reaching adulthood, would continue to live with his family in a farmhouse he helped build until The Great War broke out. After the fighting began, Kaen decided to enlist in the troops of Stoca, and he was assigned a position near the front lines. He was promoted to a position of leadership by popular vote after his unit's commander was killed in action.
After The Great War ended, Kaen did not return to his family's farmhouse, instead choosing to wander the countryside in search for a new purpose.
He found his purpose after flying up an unnamed river for three days and three nights to a formerly unknown plateau. The river would later be known as the Merliwik River and the plateau as the Helemian Plateau.
On this plateau, Kaen built a house. He only made trips to the nearby Doria for supplies. After a major storm devastated a portion of the city, Kaen offered a place for the displaced families on his plateau. Many of the families had nothing to lose, and accepted his offer.
Helemia was founded not a decade after the storm that ripped through Doria. It had become a boom town after the discovery of gems in the mountains it was near, and the settlement only continued to grow after the clay pits on the lower banks of the Merliwik became relevant.
Unfortunately for the growing city, Stoca would take an interest in making extra funds off the city's popularity. Heavy taxes were applied to the city's residents until it became nearly impossible for the residents to stay in their own homes. Kaen, seeing his people's plight, would found Rothos, named for Rothism, and declare war on Stoca in an attempt to cement Helemia and Rothos' place in the world.
The Stocan War, as the conflict would be called, proved itself to be Helemia's saving grace, but it came at a heavy cost. Many were killed in the battles. In the final battle of the war, Kaen received a wound that would prove to be his undoing. While he made it home to Helemia, he succumbed to infection days after his arrival. His Seraphim were there at his deathbed, and he appointed the next Archangel before his death.


While his parents provided Kaen and his sister with the best education they could afford, the pair were not particularly well-educated. They met with a tutor in the next town over twice a week for slightly over a year, but learned only fundamental arithmetic, reading, writing, and basic history of the local area.


Kaen was first employed as a goatherd on his family's small farm. After the fighting of the Great War broke out, he enlisted in the Stocan military and was promoted to Commander by popular vote after the previous Commander was killed in action.
After being released from military service, Kaen became a wanderer. He did odd jobs for extra spending money, but he largely lived off the land. He quickly became a sort of leader in the settlement he founded, and eventually came to be the leader of a whole new country.


Family Ties

Kaen was born in a farming community. His parents — Sadon and Avelot — also had a daughter — Yenna, who was born thirty years after Kaen. Sadon died in a house fire when Kaen was forty.
Kaen never married despite multiple proposals given to him by nobles of Helemia's neighbor cities.

Social Aptitude

Kaen was notably charismatic, and had a way with people during his life. After founding Helemia, he became a natural leader in the city. He was known to be considerate and caring, but was still firm in his policies.

Hobbies & Pets

Kaen kept three male Winged Cats — Rufus, Nuisance, and Pot — as pets between 70 AW and 75 AW. These cats were gifted to the daughter of one of his Seraphim when Rothos went to war with Stoca, and she cared for them until their deaths.


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Honorary & Occupational Titles
Date of Birth
325 BW
Date of Death
79 AW
325 BW 79 AW 404 years old
Circumstances of Death
Infected wound during the Stocan War
Place of Death
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
183 cm
Aligned Organization
75 AW → 79 AW (4 years)

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