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The Ancient God

So, you're interested in the Ancient God? It's as good a story to sober up with as any, even if it's a bit of a strange one. I assume you understand the basics of Entropy and Chaos, and how they accidentally created what we know as the Multiverse. A lot of people think that those two are the pure forces of energy, battling it out for all eternity in a strange sort of zero-sum game. That's true... almost. The issue comes when you take a moment to consider how those energies could come into existence in the first place; it would make far more sense if we were starting from a blank slate, that nothing would arise. There's no reason for energy to spontaneously exist, in that scenario. Thing is, that initial assumption is the part that people get wrong. There is something older than Entropy and Chaos, something much harder to understand, in conventional terms. The Void. A sort of base state to everything, which contains all the energy of... well, everything. The multiverse, Entropy, Chaos, it all came from the Void, to begin with. For the most part, however, it all came through a very indirect path, leaking into the real world in one basic form or another, and slowly filtering through to its present state. As far as I know, the Ancient God is the only exception, although it's definitely a notable one.

Energy from the Void normally is completely disconnected from existence as we know it. It's only through the long dilution process that it begins to interact, and eventually fuel, everything that we understand to be our reality. The Ancient God skipped that whole dilution process, when an event at exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, let a tiny shard of unadulterated Void energy leaked into the Multiverse. That shard held enough energy to annihilate everything, and yet, for some reason, it didn't. Instead, it grew, and expanded, and became what would later be known as the Ancient God - a being made of pure energy, but unable to wield it directly. It has a true name, as does everything, but even the concept of such a name would be enough to destroy the mind of anyone, mortal, celestial or otherwise. It shaped the Gods as you know them, and set them to their tasks, chaining the Primordials and taming the Multiverse. It helped to form Del Atar, and then, as though it had fulfilled some great purpose, it vanished.

Some of those who've researched the subject say that it willed itself not to exist. Others think it merely tucked itself away in a pocket dimension somewhere. The Elders believed that it was slowly subsumed by the energies of the Multiverse itself, and simply became a part of it. I can't really say I know which one's true. Not that I'd tell share it even if I knew, that's the sort of information that tends to cause problems, if it becomes common knowledge. Maybe it just understood that the Multiverse no longer needed it, and went to create another one. That sounds like as nice an end to the story as any, but I would warn you against digging too deeply into any other lore you might find on the subject. Reality-altering void-beings tend to be problematic for one's sanity.

-Karth Poshment

Divine Domains

Scattered across the world, there are those who whisper the secret of the Ancient God. Though few, they are some of the most driven researchers, most brilliant theologians, and most skilled adventurer's, as one must be to know of the existence of the Ancient God. Amongst those solitary groups, there are, however, none that can channel the power of the Ancient God. Whether that is because said power faded with its departure from the Multiverse, or simply because it is too alien for any mortal being to control, it is impossible to say. Nevertheless, there are those who call themselves Disciples of the Ancient God, taking on the mantel of perpetuating the creation that it wrought, despite its absence. Many call them insane, or idiotic, but such insults never dampen the will of these disciples, who carry on their labor without pause.

Holy Books & Codes

The Ancient God has no text, nor scripture. It has no hymns or mantras. While the occasional charlatan claims to uncover some great prophecy or hidden tome, none but the gullible give them any attention. The only instruction it ever left, was Del Atar itself, and so the Disciples who follow its footsteps seek to maintain the balance that was struck so long ago, for as long as they are able.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

There are hundreds of symbols used to depict the idea of the Ancient God. Symbols for the beginning, for time and space, for existence. They all are a part of it, after all, and most are used interchangeably by those who don't fully grasp what it is. Amongst its Disciples, there is only one symbol, stemming not from any true iconography, but simply as a sign for those who know what to look for. The symbol, in general, is an inverted equilateral triangle, with a circle inset into it. When actually drawn, the circle generally is colored black, while the outer tips of the triangle are left blank, or colored white in rare circumstances.

Tenets of Faith

The sole focus of those faithful towards the Ancient God is the perpetuation of its creation. Since its departure, the world has changed, and its power has shifted, but politics either divine or mortal, are of little interest to the Disciples. Instead, they focus on even larger events, keeping a watchful eye on the balance between Entropy and Chaos, and ensuring that the Void remains locked away from the rest of reality, as it should. They keep to the shadows, and as such, even many of the elites of Del Atar are unaware of their existence, much less the extent of their reach.

Divine Classification
Circumstances of Birth
The Ancient God was birthed from the energy of the Void
Circumstances of Death
The Ancient God, after creating Del Atar and taming the Multiverse, willed itself out of existence

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