Deismpunk: Reason above Faith Hello

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Garenth is a planet where many nations either cooperate through trade or conflict through force. Alliances are forged out of necessity while wars wage, scarring the landscape. Amidst the fighting, powerful beings have begun to be spotted across the face of Garenth, as they once did over a thousand years ago before The Sundering. These angels, demons, devils and various other outworldy beings call themselves Gods, and have returned to punish any mortal who won't subjugate their will to these Gods.

A few individuals have developed various technologies which tap into the magical aether, bypassing the need for any Gods, to control and use magic.

Not everyone is happy with this manipulation magic, as doing so seems to be angering these outer-planar beings. Some societies have devoted themselves to bringing more of these beings onto Garenth, some nations are doing their best to weaken these Gods by robbing them of their control over mortals, while most nations believe taking a neutral stance and staying out of these conflicts is the best course.

Will you fight for the right of every individual creature to pursue their selfish life long happiness, or will you help the Gods subjugate individuals back into metaphysical collectivism and epistemological duty-bound slavery?
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