Expansions of the Empire

The Attomorian Empire underwent three major and two minor expansions. 

The first expansion (500-505 I.Era)

Before 500 I.Era Attomor was a city-state in the old Kingdom of Damor. Actual evidence about what happened is hard to get because of a ban of all books from that era in the Empire, but most independent historians are saying that a coup was started from inside the city, to overthrow the old Kingdom. The city started waging war against the kingdom and promised those, who would desert to Attomor more wealth than in the kingdom. After a five year long war and an almost one year long siege against the old capital of Damor, the king of Damor was killed and the Attomorian Empire was created.  

The second expansion (3407-3409 I.Era)

In this war the Attomorian Empire conquered a significant part of Hato up to the rain-stream and Steinhaven. The Empire got important points of agriculture and and trade.  

The third expansion (200 II.Era)

In this rather short conflict with Hato the Empire expanded their territory up to the outskirts of the Hato Swamps. The Empire blamed Hato for the sinking of one of its warships and so justified this expansion.  

Smaller expansions

Furthermore the Empire had two minor expansions. 
One was the liberation of the trapped island, which before was no-man's land. 
The other one was the liberation of the Narakzar-peninsula and the west-coast of the mid-sea. This land was previously in the hand of native tribes, that still live there to this day.
Conflict Type
Military Campaign


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