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Tue, Nov 23rd 2021 07:43
Got questions? We may have answers -- let's see if they sync up! Any suggestions, ideas or (reasonable) complaints are likewise encouraged.
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The Pestilential Pothouse

Tue, Nov 23rd 2021 08:09

This ramshackle inn and tavern lies just outside the Paris city limits, and is thus exempt from city laws. That makes it an ideal spot for newcomers to make connections, duels to be fought and illicit deals made. And, of course, there are no shortage of darkened alcoves and shadowy corners in which to conduct business.

Erm... if you value your smallclothes, you might want to avoid Chef Jean's specialty, white tubers in mutton grease.


Mon, Dec 6th 2021 08:47
Tell us about yourself, stranger. What brings you to Paris? What do you seek? Is there something notable about you?

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb...

Tue, Nov 23rd 2021 08:16
Join in the public conversations, sir. Feel free to light a pipe and enjoy a glass of wine or bowl of coffee.

The Shadowy Alcove

Sat, Dec 18th 2021 11:11
Ah, have you business to conduct? Would sir care for a booth away from prying eyes and inquisitive ears?