How to play Death Before Dishonor

or, What in Blazes is This?

What Kind of Game Is This?

Death Before Dishonor is designed to be a unique game experience. It is set in a fantasy version of Musketeer France during the early reign of King Louis XIII. It is, to a large degree, a game revolving around social climbing and the acquisition of social prestige and position.

The game is played in turns, each of which represents a single month of game time. That turn is divided into four one-week actions. The players have roughly one week to plan their activities, coordinate actions and send them to the referee prior to the posted due date. The referee will assemble the orders and produce individual results as well as a campaign newsletter, the Paris Gazette. At the time of writing, we anticipate two game turns per month of real time.

The game is built in four tiers:

  • Visitor, designed for players interested in giving the game a try. There is no cost to become a Visitor. The player is supplied with a randomly generated character, and is given three free turns of play. Should they choose to join the game at a later date, they may either retain the character they were assigned, or select from the next tier. Visitors are limited to use of the Basic Rules.
  • Resident tier (not yet deployed), the basic player level. For a $2 per month (or $1 per turn) contribution, the player is given their choice of one of three pregenerated characters and (as long as their accout is active) as many turns as they like. Residents are likewise limited to use of the Basic Rules.
  • Chevaliers are the middle tier of Death Before Dishonor (not yet deployed). If transitioning from Visitor or Resident, they may continue with their existing character. Alternatively, they will have their choice of one of five randomly generated characters to play. This tier requires a $4 per month fee (or $2 per turn), but also unlocks the Advanced Rules, with more opportunities and options for play.
  • Landed Nobles represent the highest tier, able to use the Advanced and Roleplaying rules (not yet deployed). In addition to the benefits of Chevalier level, Landed Nobles also have access to six hours of roleplaying time (virtual face-to-face gaming via Foundry VTT) per month. This level of play has a cost of $6 per month (or $3 per turn). Details must be determined beforehand, so if interested, please contact the referee directly.


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