The cup with white foam in my hand revived the memories of when I had tried this drink years ago on an especially cold evening. It had smelled just as good as the drink in my hand, but I wasn't able to taste anything for two days after taking a small sip. Although it did warm me as intended it hurt just as bad. Still sceptical I took the smallest sip I could possibly make and hoped that this time I actually could taste the sweet and rich drink, so famous with Tieflings and now apparently the rest of the world, for more then a second. To my surprise I was able to do so. Although the taste was immaculate and not just "fire" the warmth and energy took longer to take effect. But that was a very minor disadvantage compared to the original.
  Known mostly for its use as a warming and energizing ingredient in beverages and meals across the Inner Sea, as well as its beautiful blossoms, the Ithriros is a colourful desert plant native to Shul'va.

Basic Information


The Ithriros is a small ground-dwelling plant, with its maximum height reaching only 10cm at most. The plants' leaves are succulent with a thick layer of wax, in order to keep the rare and precious water inside. Searching for groundwater, the roots are incredibly long and straight, with the end being very ramified to collect as much water as possible.
In its natural habitat, the ground-dwelling plant is hardly visible, mimicking the greyish opalescent sand. Outside of the desert, however, the shimmering and reflecting leaves are a beautiful sight.
The most desired trait, beside the warming and energizing properties, are the flowers, which bloom only in late Aon and early Naoidh. Glowing with a soft white light, the vibrant azure blue blossoms also earned the plant the name of "Star Flower".

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Originally implemented as a defense mechanism against being eaten, the warming and energizing properties make it a desired ingredient in food and drinks. In order to obtain this ingredient, the leaves of the plant have to be cut to extract the sap. Doing so without destroying the plant or soiling the sap with wax is a skill only mastered by Tieflings of Narcyv. The Ithriros sap therefore is one of the most important export goods from the Republic.
Due to its intend to exhaust and dehydrate anyone who consumes it, the sap deals 2 points of fire damage to anyone without fire resistance. Over the years of domestication, the intensity of the sap has been drastically increased through selective breeding, with the most potent types dealing 23 points of fire damage to anyone without resistance (half as much with fire resistance).
With rising popularity across the Inner Sea, the intensity of the sap had to be reduced for other species to use it as an ingridient instead of hurting other people.
"White Fire"
The White Fire is a common drink in Narcyv.
The white and creamy mix, with a smell of vanilla, hazel and honey, is often used to warm and energize its consumers.
Famous across Shul'va and most of the Inner Sea, it wildly contributed to the introduction of Ihtriros sap as an excellent ingredient for drinks and food in cold climates.

Consuming White Fire and other foods and drinks with Ithriros without fire resistance causes 2 points of fire damage.
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