Wrong Way's chart store

Located around the corner of the Middle of Nowhere Ale house, on Atlas-Alley 
  Find your bearings in Wrong Way's chart store for all your charts and maps.
Eraser and Pencil for your own alterations are included with every purchase.      Whether you are Landing, On route, Strolling or Traveling aka LOST, Wrong Way's will be your guide.   Is your ship to often at sea with no land in sight? Wrong Way has the charts to point you on to the cliffs.    For all the drawings of places nowhere to be found, Wrong Way's maps will lead you around.    Wrong Way's also carries four different types of compasses for all your directions.    FREE AFTER SALE SERVICE! If you ever get lost while using one Wrong Way's maps, return to the store and Wrong Way will show you where you are.    Wrong Way's carries a wide variety of maps in both full colour and monochrome print.   Currently on sale due to misprint: maps of the Murderous Maze. 

About the owner:

Wrong Way is not originally from Nieuw Elriss, but after spending his young life wandering around the continent. He found himself astray in Nieuw Elriss, with no knowledge on how to get back home or where his home was. 
To help others in there wandering he decided to start a business in selling maps in the city he found himself.
 By the fact that of today nobody has returned to the store to complain about the correctness of the maps, Wrong Way can only conclude that all his costumers have found their destination.
Opening times:
Wrong Way's is opened for sales everyday between breakfast and dinner.
If you find Wrong Way's shop door locked, we are closed for business.

Full prizes for full charts.
Half prizes for half charts.
Legends are to be purchased separately.
  Wrong Way's also carriers an assortment of tools for use of charts, such as:
Compasses (4 types)
Magnifying glasses
  Wrong Way's book collection:
Wrong Way's map reading guide.
How to get lost by Scott Guide
Book of maps by Atlas
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