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D&D World

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A world of sword and sorcery where much of the history falls under the umbrella of three countries. The northern peaceful nation of Flagg, the barbaric and cruel empire of Griffon and the stable and (mostly) just kingdom of St. Rosalyn.   Flagg is a nation of a mixed nature. Deserts to the east, running up against the border of Griffon, lush and thick forests to the west with a very cold and bitter arctic northern region. Their government is a somewhat democratic system with a tribunal running the roost.   Griffon is an empire that was mostly peaceful until a point where a mad and despotic ruler used forbidden magic to drain the life out of the entire area, creating a massive badland. Terrible and warped creatures roamed the land and cruel soldiers who abuse their power oppress the various struggling villagers. The capital is lush and green, though the edge of this area would shrink by the day.   St. Rosalyn is a mostly prosperous kingdom run by the mostly fair king of the same name. It is home to a city of elves and, though most aren't aware, is also where the most dragons of the three nations call home.