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Nestled amidst the serene and mysterious marshlands, Marrow is a small but resilient village located on the southeastern coast of Alteria, within the Kingdom of Kerak. The inhabitants of Marrow are known for their close-knit and resilient community spirit. Life in the village revolves around collective activities and festivities. The villagers gather at the village square during important occasions, such as the Mollusk Festival, where they celebrate their bountiful sea harvest with feasts, music, and dancing. The village also holds storytelling evenings, where folktales and legends of the marshlands are shared, fostering a deep sense of tradition and enchantment among the locals. The village faces a unique challenge in dealing the local Murloc tribes in The Marshlands. These pesky yet aggressive amphibious creatures, with their webbed feet and amphibious nature, are known for inhabiting all over The Marshlands and causing trouble for the villagers of Marrow. The Murlocs are not only mischievous but can also be quite violent, especially when they feel threatened or hungry. They have been known to launch surprise attacks on Marrow's fishing boats, snatching away catches and damaging equipment. At times, these creatures have even ventured into the village itself, disrupting daily life and posing a danger to the townsfolk. Their cunning and adaptability make them a formidable adversary in the area.


Lordship. Marrow falls under the Barony of Drakemyre in southern Kerak. Although small, Lord Helmer Lordress's lands stretch from Marrow and comepletly encase much of the southeastern marshes all the way to the Mike T Valley River, just northeast of Baileon.

Industry & Trade

Despite its relatively isolated location, Marrow thrives on a modest yet bustling local economy. The villagers rely on fishing as a primary occupation, taking advantage of the bountiful waters teeming with an array of marine life. The Marshlands offer various natural resources, including herbs, reeds, and bog iron, which are gathered and traded. Additionally, Marrow boasts a reputation for skilled craftsmen, known for their intricate Alchemical and Brewing, attracting merchants from neighboring towns.

Points of interest

The Marshlands

- The marshlands that surround Marrow are a captivating and diverse ecosystem, filled with lush vegetation, winding waterways, and an air of mystique. These wetlands are teeming with life, from the vibrant flora that thrives in the marshy soil to the numerous creatures that call this unique habitat their home. The ever-present mist that hangs in the air adds an ethereal touch, lending an aura of enchantment to the surroundings. Traversing the marshlands is an art in itself. Narrow pathways wind through the vegetation, carved out by the villagers over generations. Wooden boardwalks and stepping stones provide stable footing over the boggy areas, ensuring safe passage through the more treacherous sections. Villagers often use small boats or canoes to navigate the waterways, gliding through the labyrinthine network of channels and pools, their presence marked by ripples on the otherwise tranquil surface.


The architecture of Marrow reflects the medieval style prevalent in the Kingdom of Kerak. Simple yet sturdy timber-framed houses with thatched roofs line the narrow cobblestone streets, their walls adorned with colorful blooms and ivy. The village center boasts a charming marketplace, where locals trade their wares. At its heart stands a stone well, a gathering place for residents and a symbol of the village's unity. Marrow's prominent landmark is its stone tavern, known as The Galway Inn, perched on a hill overlooking the small village. It serves as the residence of the village Lord, Lord Helmer Lordress, and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding marshlands and the sea beyond.


Marrow finds itself enveloped by an expanse of sprawling marshlands, where fog-shrouded waters intertwine with dense vegetation. The village stands on slightly elevated ground, providing its residents a modest respite from the marshy terrain. To the east lies the sparkling expanse of the Arin Sea, its rhythmic waves crashing against the shore, while to the west, the marshlands stretch as far as the eye can see to the Coloserrie Mountain range.
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