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The small pub town of Foriston, located in southeastern part of the Kingdom of Kerak, truly feels like a hidden gem. The tiny pub town is home to a small host of retired Adventurers, based out of The Broken Bard Guildhall and Tavern of The Ironwood Adventurers Academy. Though technically Apart of the Kingdom of Kerak's Southern Dutchy, Drakemyre, it is often overlooked and left to the locals to withhold the law and govern themselves accordingly. Famously, if anything, Forsiton was built upon the ancient ruin of Tel'Orar, which was believed to be an ancient Elven stronghold during the Age of Devastation in the south. All that remains standing in the town now is the Arch of Il'Tovo. It is rumored that the Legion of Dawn's last stop before venturing forward into Dazan was here in Forsiton.


All of Foristons inhabitants are old Adventures that have retired from the life, or those unfit to continue and chose this small pub town in southern Kerak to live out their lives. Though this is a very small town, passerby's have said the overwhelming amount of storytelling, drinking, music, and fighting that happens out here makes for a good time, so visitors from all over the Continent of Alteria have visited here.


Though Foriston, Stonend Mission, and Marrow are all part of The Barony of Drakemyre based out of Baileon, the region being so small, is often left to govern themselves. Foriston itself is home to The Ironwood Adventurers Academy or the IAA, have created trade, tourism, and have been largely and mainly responsible for overseeing the "adventurer town" of Foriston.

Industry & Trade

In Foriston, the local economy revolves around the trade of ale and wines produced in the region. This picturesque town, nestled amidst a mountain valley has fertile vineyards and has gained renown for its high-quality alcoholic beverages, made and coined by the local retired members of the IAA. The production of high-quality beverages, coupled with a local trade network has elevated the town's reputation and brought economic prosperity to the small region. It serves as a prime example of how a specialized industry can shape and sustain a community, while also preserving its natural resources and heritage.   Production and Harvesting: The town boasts a favorable climate and fertile soil, making it an ideal location for cultivating grapes used in winemaking. The Local vineyard, owned by the local guildhall of the IAA, diligently grow various grape varieties, carefully tending to the vines throughout the year. Similarly, the art of brewing ale has been carried and assimilated from all over Dayne. The town's breweries have perfected their craft, creating unique and flavorful ales. The production of ale and wines is a labor-intensive process, requiring expertise and patience and has earned a stellar reputation both locally and beyond. The region's winemakers and brewers take immense pride in their craftsmanship, using traditional techniques combined with modern innovations to create exceptional beverages. This commitment to quality has resulted in a loyal customer base and a strong demand for Broken Bard Ale and Wines.

Guilds and Factions

The Ironwood Adventurers Academy- Perhaps the smallest outpost of the IAA's main Guild based out of the Capital of Kerak City. The Foriston chapter of the IAA is run as a collective with group of retired members that have taken residence in the small town.


Foriston, a small pub town nestled amidst lush landscapes, has a rich and mysterious history deeply intertwined with the remnants of an ancient Evish civilization known as Tel'Orar. The influence of Tel'Orar on Foriston is still honored today by The Ward Stone, a actual piece of Stone or Marble hanging from a chain in front of the Broken Bard that came from the outlying Ruin. Despite the passage of countless centuries, the true nature and extent of this enigmatic civilization remain largely shrouded in mystery. The circumstances leading to the decline of Tel'Orar remain a topic of speculation and myth. Some tales whisper of a great cataclysm that befell the elven civilization, while others suggest internal conflicts or the intervention of external forces. Regardless, it is believed that Tel'Orar fell into ruin, its once grand city crumbling and its inhabitants erased from the lands of Dayne during the Age of Devastation. Despite their tireless efforts, Archaeologists, historians, and adventurers have only been able to piece together fragments of the history and culture of Tel'Orar. Elven inscriptions hint at a highly advanced society that revered nature, possessed great knowledge of High magic, and fostered deep spiritual connection to Fortannis. Artifacts found within the ruins depict intricate craftsmanship and hint at a sophisticated understanding of Celestial arts as well.

Points of interest

The Broken Bard Guildhall and Tavern The Broken Bard Pub is a charming and vibrant establishment nestled in the heart of Foriston, serving as both a Pub and Guildhall of the renowned Ironwood Adventurers Academy. It is a popular gathering place for locals, travelers, and aspiring adventurers seeking respite, camaraderie, and old tales of daring exploits. The pub's exterior features weathered red wooden walls. A sign swings above the entrance, displaying the image of a Bard with a broken lute, symbolizing the pub's name. Inside, the atmosphere is warm and inviting, with a mix of wooden tables and chairs, providing ample seating for patrons to enjoy their drinks, meals, and entertainment. It is famously named for the Artifact that sits within Pub itself, The Evermore.   The Evermore The Evermore is an ancient Fae Artifact that appears as a obelisk with some old musical instruments attached to it, each with its own unique charm. It emanates an ethereal glow, as if the music it produces is stored within the instruments themselves. Despite their age or condition, the instruments have been enchanted to play enchanting melodies, songs, and lyric without any physical touch or active playing.   The Ward Stone In the small town of Foriston, just outside the beloved Broken Bard Pub, hangs a peculiar stone suspended from a delicate chain. Known as the Ward Stone, this artifact has become a subject of intrigue and fascination among both locals and visitors alike. Surrounded by whispers and tales, the Ward Stone is said to possess the power to ward off Dragons, standing as a symbol of protection for the town. Over the years, The Ward Stone has come to symbolize the town's resilience and its connection to the mystical past of Tel'Orar. It has become a cherished icon in Foriston, embodying the spirit of protection and unity among its inhabitants. The townsfolk attribute the town's safety, whether real or imagined, to the presence of The Ward Stone.   The Ruins of Tel'Orar Nestled against the cliffs just east of Foriston lie the captivating and still Ruins of Tel'Orar. These remnants of a believed once-mighty elven civilization have become a focal point for adventurers, scholars, and curious souls seeking to uncover the secrets of the past. With their intricate architecture, hidden chambers, and enigmatic aura, the ruins stand as a testament to the splendor and mystique of the ancient elven culture of the region. As time has marched on, nature has gracefully intertwined with the ruins, softening the edges and enveloping them in a verdant embrace. Ancient trees with roots that snake through cracked walls and vibrant wildflowers that bloom amidst fallen stones serve as a reminder of the deep connection the elves held with the natural world. The Ruins of Tel'Orar stand as a testament to the delicate balance between elven craftsmanship and the enduring power of nature.   Atlans Wall Recently created with the conjoined efforts of all the Kingdoms of The Continent of Alteria in the year 619. Located just north of Foriston, the wall is manned and the assigned Watchers keep a constant watch to the broken ruins of several settlements and the land itself. It is known that magic is generally suppressed or twisted in what became known as the “Spellscar”. Entrance into the Spellscar is discouraged, as most dedicated expeditions have failed.


Foriston is nestled in a mountain valley and the sound of waterfalls can be heard throughout the town. The Waterfall runs from the North and collects into the small lake just inside of Foriston's Gates. Just North lies Atlans Wall, separating The Spellscar from the Kingdom of Kerak. Approaching from the West lies a dead forest, said to have been burned hundreds of years ago during the First Age, and to this day, its trees have never recovered.
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20 (Est. Mixed – Human, Biata, and Dwarves.
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