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The Tribes and The Goddess


The tribes of Aqueous were in a time of constant war. One day a woman came that chat could create mystic water and crystals. Determining that she was a goddess the tribes each offered a sacred item of their tribe as a gift to her. However the tribes began to argue. Each claimed that their gift was the best and it was their tribe the goddess should show favor to. A battle broke out among the tribes. The goddess caught in the middle of the battle then transformed into a monster of incredible power and began to kill the battling tribesmen. The tribes determined that the goddess was being possessed by the angry spirits of the slain killed for trivial things. Unable to defeat the corrupted goddess the tribes banded together and captured the goddess. Together they orchestrated a ritual to expel the angry spirits form the goddess. After the ritual the spirits left the goddess and she returned to normal. Still suspicious of whether she was really free from possession the tribes kept her restrained. Then a monstrous demon attacked the tribes. However the goddess freed herself and saved the tribes. From then on the tribes remained united under the leadership of the goddess.

Historical Basis

The story is a written third person account from the greatest warrior of the tribe of intellect.

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