September 4, 1056 M.A.

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A loosely dark fantasy setting for Dungeons & Dragons, set on the mostly early-industrial world of Eosis and the cosmology surrounding it.   Just a thousand years into the Age of Machines Invention, life is looking a bit brighter. Monsters have been hemmed out to the edges of civilization, trains and skyships link the many beacons of technology across the known world, and the great enemies of the past have faded into bogeyman tales.   In the Bridge of Worlds, a cosmopolitan center of culture, trade, and advancement, peace reigns among its resident countries, and the Church of Ages seeks to uplift the greatest minds of the time for the good of both the world and Heaven. But threats new and old lurk beneath this storybook surface, and in distant corners of a still-unmapped globe.   What will you see, if you dare to look beyond?  

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