There's a deafening silence in the wind

Speaker Aera Vaasareek (a.k.a. "The Crow") (He/him)

Agent Statistics

Agent Types and Perks

Aera is a Covert and Reaserch agent. Able to discretly infiltrate, eleminate, and investigate due to his unique skillset. Not suited for heavy combat or social interaction Aera cannot be sent on Social or Comat operations. While Aera is an agent you gain access to the following perks:   Magic Item Expert. Aera can craft any magic item with a rarity of common or lower. These items will cost 25% less if Aera's loyalty is above 15, and 50% less is Aera's loyalty is maxed. The rarity of items Aera can craft increases when his personal operations are completed.   Underworld Contacts. Aera can be sent on any operation involving crime and the organizations that surround it, regardless of what type of operation it is.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Slim but physically fit toned muscle sits comfortably under his feathers. His feathers are healthy and very well maintained with no blemishes or visible scars. Surprising for someone who makes a living killing. He's fast on his feet and faster in the air as he flies with an uncanny silent grace. Healthy and in his prime Aera is one man killing machine.

Body Features

Aera stands at 5'1 with a 7.5 foot wingspan. He has short matte black feathers that lay flat on his body. They're well maintained and cared for showing no damage whatsoever. His talons are short but kept sharp, which makes sense given his line of work. Under his feathers are strong muscles from constant motion and exercise. His wings are smooth, soft and have thicker feathers than the ones on his body, they look closer to what would be seen on an owl and not a crow. To some he may be physically plain for someone of his species, without too many setting him apart from a common crow.

Facial Features

Aera's beak is fairly large for crows, clean and well kempt like the rest of himself. The feathers on his head are a bit softer than on his body but not as silky as his wings. It's unassuming in a way, if it were another person with these features maybe they'd be approachable or outgoing.

Identifying Characteristics

Aera's main identifying features are his eyes. Unmistakable, the dull yellow giving way to cold black irises that ooze distrust. When he looks at you it appears as though he is looking though you not at you. There's a bitter cold to them. Silent and unmoving, he blinks rarely leaving only an empty gaze at anyone who he looks at. In those eyes you can see his life, the vision of a cold calculating killer. His thoughts imperceptible, you can't tell if he's evaluating you, assessing if you're a threat, or thinking about how best to slice open your throat. Perhaps he's thinking about a solution to some complex problem or experiment. There's a million things one can see in his eyes but the the amount of variance is what makes it unnerving. As he speaks his face is unmoving, as if made entirely of stone. With little in the way of expression and change. Just the small motion of his beak as words lazily but thoughtfully spill out.

Special abilities

True to his name Aera has an uncanny ability to fly and otherwise move silently. It's easy for him to get the drop on his targets. When he does he hits much harder, an ambush predator through and through. Sneak attacks are his favorite. In addition to that he's a skilled artificer and spellcaster. Capable of making magic items with ease and casting powerful spells.

Apparel & Accessories

Aera is rarely seen without his armor, light to allow for flight. He constructed it himself and has a fondness for it. Along with it is a dark hood to keep the sun out of his eyes, and to make himself seem a little more threatening. Consisting of hardened leather with embedded studds in between layers. It has small engraving of Anor and her grave wardens along its seams. It covers his legs and lower stomach. Along his chest is a small breastplate made from adamantine. Along with that his twin Khopeshes are his favored tools when he needs to fight close range. Each in engraved with small lettering along the sides reading "There's a deafening silence in the wind". Both often have wyvern poison coated on them before a fight.

Specialized Equipment

Aera's most prized possessions and favorite inventions are his eldritch cannon and arcane firearm. Dubbed "Death" and "Taxes" respectively he uses these handheld devices to carry out most of his contracts. Death is tiny wrist mounted gauntlet made of refined adamantine which sprouts a small barrel at the push of a button or command word, ready to dispense death at a distance. It is engraved with skulls and Anor's holy symbol. Taxes is a small handheld pistol with a spiraling barrel. With an ivory grip, inlaid with gold depictions of Anor and her grave wardens. With a chunk of raw infermantine at its core it channels its fury and collects small portions of its victims souls to power its deadly onslaught.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a flock of nomadic Aarakocra while they were visiting a town for supplies, Aera came out of the egg silently, without his mother even noticing. He quietly broke through the shell as his mother was flying, he clung to her and perched on her shoulder as she landed. Staring through her, he cawed softly as she sung a tune of joy. He clattered his beak without a sound at her as he pushed himself against her. Named after the Aarakocra term for silent wind, Aera was always good at knowing when to not be heard. Silence it seemed, was the thing he would be most known for.   In Aaracokran flocks crows are normally caretakers of the elderly, gravely ill or mortally wounded. They're responsibility being to ensure the dying have a peaceful transition into Chi'ka'gough. This was Aera's role in his flock as well. He spent his time with the sick and dying, surrounded by death in his formative years. It made sense that he was as quiet as he was, he spent all his time with the dead and dying, and dead men tell no tales. He found comfort in what he did however, learning how to quickly and painlessly ending lives. He picked up on the practice of mercy killing eerily quickly. Memorizing the proper poisonous herb mixtures and where to properly slice a throat. Taking lives was what he did, for their sake of course. To end suffering and send them to Anor.   All his time alone in this line of work gave him pleantly of time to think. His mind was always yearning for more and the scant few tomes he managed to get a hold of did little to satiate him. He wanted to learn more than just biology and death. He was intruiged with the arcane and wanted to learn more. But as a crow he was not allowed to practice magic. That was the role of cranes, owls or other birds. Everyime he attempted to nurture his arcane curiousity he was shamed for "wasting resources", try as he might to plead his case he was always shut down. He grew tired of the lifestyle of his flock and their constant attempts to keep him in line. Wanting find his own way in the world he said his goodbyes and began to wander the skies. Supporting himself with his magic or inventions proved difficult as he rarely stayed in one place for long enough to build a decent name for himself. He knew he needed to find new avenues of work and he found it with the Speakers. If he wanted to fund his experiments and inventions he needed to secure high paying work. Blood money might be wrong but if his inventions take off then he won't have to worry about it anymore. Besides, he's good at killing, and he knows to never do something he's good at for free.


Aera only ever received formal education in the specific role he filled for his flock. He knows very well how to identify injuries and illnesses. Almost like a healer, but with with opposite end goals. He was to determine if a person was closer to life or death, and in the case of the latter he was to be their executioner. He's specialized in this, having an encyclopedic knowledge on death. Besides that his knowledge comes from books he acquired on his travels.   This often comes as a surprise to people given how familiar he is with a wide array of topics. From magic to metal and constructs and more. Aera is a certified genius who never once set foot in a classroom. He had no one to teach him but himself. He spent days and weeks pouring over magical manuscripts and technical manuals about an array of topics. Many where in languages he had no knowledge of, so he taught himself the languages too. Now he can converse with all manner of people about all manner of topics although he has his favorites.


Aera's primary source of work has always been contract killing. As an official member of the Speakers of Anor he likes to carefully choose his contracts, usually going for anything he can use to "field test" his inventions. His signature style for assassination is the "fly-by" method, flying quickly passed his targets and quickly eliminating them with his spells or inventions. The money he makes from contracts he uses to fund his reaserch. He makes many magical items for use on contracts or to simply sell for profit. While he could and has been offered many posisions as a full time artificer he has always turned them down. He'd rather keep on the move, looking for new oppertunities. Perhaps its in his blood, a leftover from when he lived with his flock.   Besides contract killing Aera at one point served as an apprentice for a well known artificer named Avery. While she didn't manage to teach him anything useful in terms of inventing she has left an indelible mark on his life. Durring his time with her she bled him dry for ideas. Stealing his work and passing it off as her own. Entirely new magical items and the fame that came with them. He left after only working with her for a limited time. But she's still on his mind from time to time, mostly when he kills.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Aera's greatest accomplishment is one he can't tell most people about. Being an active member of the Speakers of Anor is no easy feat. His sponsor into the order was a halfling he met while carrying out a public contract named Erik. Impressed with his work Erik offered him a place in the Speakers, not wanting to turn down the lucrative opportunity he quickly jumped on the offer. He has yet to find anyone he feels is worthy to be sponsored into the order by him.   Durring his time with the Speakers Aera has been involved with several high profile assassinations and is well known among other Speakers. Whispers and rumors are exchanged in Black Road outposts and secret meetings about "the crow". The one man killing machine dispensing death from above for the highest bidder. It's his magic that sets him apart, the brains to his brawn. Already a rare art he uses it with amazing efficiency. Darkvision to sneak up on his targets in the dark, Disguise Self to ensure a clean getaway, and Fireball for when he really needs to make a point. Along with the myriad of magical items he employs he seems to have a tool for every occasion. Everyone knows, if you need someone dead and you can afford him, you hire "The Crow"

Failures & Embarrassments

Aera wasn't always so heartless, before taking up contract killing he worked for Avery Blake. A skilled artificer and former member of the Pontifex. Acting as her apprentice Aera quickly learned it was a mistake to trust her. She passed off his work as her own, raking in all the coin and accolades it brought. After some digging he found out her departure from the Pontifex was messy to say the least. She has a habit of stealing work it seemed.   When he spoke up about the injustice many were quick to jump to Avery's defense, calling Aera a "half wit wannabe artificer" with no real claim to fame. Shunned by his peers and made into a laughing stock he vowed for revenge. Avery wasn't so keen on letting him however, she put out a contract on his life and he spent the next few years avoiding assassination after assassination. Eventually the hit was called off and Aera could breathe a little easier. After that he promised himself from then on he would be the hunter, and not the hunted.   Because of his time with Avery, his reputation in the artificer world is all but dead. No one will give him the time of day, no more work orders for items, no more enchantment requests. He has been branded as a liar and blacklisted from most reputable organizations. He's had to resort to getting his components on the black market as no one is even willing to sell him Adamantine.

Mental Trauma

As a result of his past with Avery, Aera has major trust issues. Quick to leave if he doesn't like his employer, Aera is a shoot first ask questions later kind of guy. He feels uncomfortable getting close to others, afraid of once again being manipulated or otherwise taken advantage of. While he grew up a quiet boy he was that way by choice, now he feels as though Avery took that choice away from him. This lack of control he feels over his life leads him to hold tightly to what he has left. Leading to him being incredibly secretive about his artificer work and his long term goals.   When someone gets close to him or tries to befriend him he always believes them to have ulterior motives. Another person trying to steal his work perhaps, or maybe an agent of Avery finally coming to kill him. He has few people he considers even acquaintances, and no one who he considers his friend. He suffers from the isolation, feeling alone in the world has left him depressed at times. But he always finds a way to pull himself back up, to get back to his work.

Intellectual Characteristics

Aera is a brilliant mind, smart and resourceful. It's clear to anyone who talks to him for even a little bit that he is a genius. While he has his specialties he can converse about nearly any topic, bouncing from dwarven history to trade logistics to Yuan-Ti anatomy in a moments notice. Well read and researched he knows what he's talking about too. Many would say that it's a shame his brilliant mind is wasted on contract killing, but he'd simply say that there's more to killing that wielding a blade. It's a field of study like any other, sure it isn't as mainstream as agricultural optimization, or abyssal adaptation, but is something that can be mastered all the same. Knowing where the vital organs are in the many races, or how best to counter a spellcasting target. Aera is knowledgeable on many subjects but it's clear to most that the thing he knows most about is ending lives.

Morality & Philosophy

Aera knows only one way to do things: By any means necessary. He has no qualms about killing, stealing or other crimes. To him it's all about the money, all a means to an end. He follows orders to the letter and is highly recommended by his employers, although given his line of work these are all anonymous recommendations of course. The only reason he's ever turned down a contract is because it didn't pay well enough. Besides that he'll do anything, death comes to everyone and he has no issue being Arnor's servant.   If Aera knows one thing it's that he's the only one he can completely trust. Everyone else is nothing but temporary at best, expendable at worst. Aera makes it a rule to not get attached to people, partially from paranoia but considering his background it makes sense. He sees himself as an island, a self made man operating on his own unless he needs to. Sometimes he makes bridges to other islands, or lets a boat or two dock on his. But these are all temporary to him, the dock and bridges made of weak material on purpose.


To Aera the worst thing one can do is let someone walk all over you, or otherwise disrespect you. Someone who can't stand up for themselves isn't someone worth protecting in his eyes. He stands alone and lets no one speak ill of him, if someone isn't capable of doing the same then what are they worth?   The second worst thing of course is the disrespect and defilement of the dead. His time with his flock lead him to develop a tremendous respect for the dead. Even when he kills his targets he makes an effort to give them their final rights when he can. He has a strong dislike for necromancers and loves to accept contracts on them.

Personality Characteristics


Aera only really cares about one thing, to be the greatest artificer in modern times. A name that will be spoken about for ages to come. To accomplish this he'll do just about anything. Everything he does is to gather resources for his special secret project which he swears will be the thing to cement him in the history books. He obsesses over his work, locking himself in his workshop for hours or sometimes days on end to work towards its completion. Everything he does he does for it, what it is exactly remains to be seen however.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Aera is good at moving silently and with grace. He is good with magic, history, medicine and more. The only thing he really struggles with is social interaction, not knowing how to let people in and often makes a habit of accidentally insulting people.

Likes & Dislikes

Aera has a strong like for books of all kinds. Although he lives for technical manuals there's nothing he won't pick up and read at least once. At any given time he's working on at least a dozen books. He appreciates a good glass of wine and sunflower seeds. Along with that he likes the solitude that comes with working on his inventions. His biggest dislike is talking to people, too much social interaction unnerves him, very few people manage to hold his attention for very long.

Virtues & Personality perks

The best thing about Aera is his loyalty. While hired he is bound, dead or alive to his employer. His "by any means necessary" mentality ensures he always gets the job done quickly and most importantly for his line of work - quietly. He's strong, smart and loyal, and he doesn't as too many questions, exactly what most of his employers want. Beyond that his talent of working with magical components or making magical items make him indispensable to those who know how to use it.

Vices & Personality flaws

Aera is antisocial to a fault, if he isn't being paid to do something he doesn't bother. And when people try to be friendly with him he shuns them. He doesn't like making friends and he makes that very clear. He believes that anyone around him will simply slow him down if not actively try to sabotage his work.

Personality Quirks

Aera has a tendency to quietly and nearly inaudibly chatter his beak, mimicking the sound of a heartbeat when he needs to time something, like the proper moment to ambush or cast a spell. It can be a tad unnearbing to witness. He also has a habit of playing or twisting his feathers when he's nervous, and spreading his wings out a bit when he feels confident.


Aera takes great care of his body and physical appearance, spending a great deal of time to make sure he is presentable at all times.


Contacts & Relations

Aera has many many contacts within Zenith's underworld. He has worked extensively with the Speakers of Anor for years in many parts of the continent. With his reputation he can get around almost anywhere with very little issue. Along with that he works closely with Xarran, and is seen as an unofficial member of the Fang to most people.

Family Ties

Aera's flock still lives in Avaden and he makes an effort to visit them when he can. Although his stays are short and tense. He still cares for his flock but can't push past how they disallowed him from perusing his goals of becoming an artificer. They make it no secret that they dislike the path he's chosen in life. A contract killer who lives outside his role is something they can't easily ignore.

Religious Views

Aera primarily worships Anor. He doesn't focus much on any other Gods besides her but he does still pay his respects to Kazan and Adderine on occasion. His life in his flock made him devoted to her, and his time with the Speakers has only enforced it. He is so devoted to the Silent that he hopes to become a Grave Warden when he dies. An eternal life of hunting down and killing undead and necromancers sounds lovely to him.

Social Aptitude

Aera doesn't like to converse with others often, it makes him uncomfortable. Not exactly shy, but definitely reserved. He doesn't volunteer to speak and prefers not to. He is confident when he gets to show off his skill in battle or when he shows off his inventions or experiments but outside of that he doesn't know how to handle himself. He often accidentally insults people, simply from not knowing how best to converse with them.


Aera has a distinct habit of calling people "boss". A habit from the amount of time he's spent doing contract killings and other mercenary work. When he talks to people he idly plays with his feathers or talons, carefully taking in every bit of information. When he talks about something he's interested in he rests one hand on another and takes on a more confident pose as he speaks, idly moving his fingers about to emphasize his words. On occasion he'll realize he's doing this and he awkwardly puts his hands to his side, trying not to seem over eager.


Aera speaks fairly softly with many transitional words. His sentences often trail off and he gets distracted as he contently gets lost in thought. He dislikes swearing and is analytical with his words, talking about topics with a sort of precision that seems clinical. He's quiet, with his words never growing much louder than that of a whisper unless he is experiencing a lot of emotion.

Wealth & Financial state

Under most circumstances someone like Aera would be fairly wealthy. With the amount of money he makes from his contracts, he should be able to afford a large home with a lavish lifestyle. But because he spends most of his income developing his secret project Aera is usually always a few weeks away from broke. He does have many physical assets however, magical items and adamantine he keeps for his research but he would never part with something so necessary for his life's work.
Neutral Evil
Current Status
Hired assassin for The Fang / Party agent
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Speaker of Anor
Date of Birth
18th of Silent's Watch
Year of Birth
470 16 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Unexpectedly and silently hatched days before he was meant to
Skalafell, Avaden
Presented Sex
Gender Identity
Transgender man
Large yellow eyes with all black irises
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Short matte black feathers that lay flat across his body
100 lb
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Anyone can stick a sword in a person and kill them, it takes a certain person to do look good doing it however."
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Aarakocra, Auran, Common, Deep Speech, Draconic, Dwarvish, Elvish, Infernal, Orc


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