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Amaranth King @subtletylost

Daughter of Death


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Maritza's always been a little bit of a weirdo. When she was a baby, her father left. A couple years later, her mother died in a mysterious fire. But death isn't the end all of anything, Maritza, unknown to herself, has a gift, the ability to speak to the dead--though she can usually only do it if she's asleep. The dead can't wander far from the underworld, after all. Or can they?

Long ago, when the world was not quite new, the gods roamed the earth. Mysterious beings with powers unimaginable. Soon humanity joined them. Fearing the gods might one day turn on their children, seven divine weapons were forged in a secret partnership between a goddess, a primordial being more ancient than the gods, and some humans. When these weapons were discovered, they were scattered to the edges of the world, dark places no human or god would dare to tread, in order to prevent humanity from overthrowing the gods.

Now, dozens of millennia later, Maritza might be the only person who can stand up to the task of finding those lost seven weapons and uniting the seven heroes meant to wield them. However, that task isn't as simple as it sounds. Maritza's got problems of her own, undead assassins, her mother's spirit keeps warning her of danger in her dreams, and to make matters worse, her boss won't even approve sick leave for One Doctor's Appointment. How's she supposed to find time to save the world if she's got to be at work?