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A digital universe is attacked by a virus from beyond their system, which cripples their society and the circulation of Bytes - the meta material and power source for the entirety of The Net. In the decade following the massive outbreak, The megalopolis Datum becomes embroiled in political strife and revolutionary movements targeted against the long-standing administration Firewall, which has regressed into tyranny under the strain of the crises.   Datum is a setting that takes place in a cyberspace world with a multitude of threats without and within. Coordinate and synchronize with resistance forces as a member of the revolutionary movement to fight against the autocratic oppression of Firewall. Explore the digital city as you assist in its revolt and protect its inhabitants from total eradication from both its dictators and the ever-spreading virus threatening to consume all it comes into contact with.   Guide Quinn Karter and follow her story and the Custodians - usher in the rebellion to save Datum before it is too late.

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