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Welcome to the world of Darktide. Well, world is a bit limiting. Darktide contains within it all that is, was, can be and never will. It's the story of the inhabitants of a universe not unlike our own, in a galaxy not terribly different from ours. It might be next door, after a fashion. Darktide is the story of the collapse of empires, brutal uprisings, and political intrigue across the galaxy.   The Eternal Empire, the first and longest lasting star spanning government is being thrust into a civil war over succession. Sides align themselves and lines will be drawn and crossed.   Their neighbors, the Shiang Federation, has just been overthrown, the royal family guiding it slain across all their worlds, all at the same time. Only one managed to escape, but what is one against so many?   And where will the K'zo Alliance stand in all this? A government exclusively built on fielding its own for mercenary work may not find clients when the super powers have all been brought low. Will they choose sides, or bide their time until all sides are weak, and conquer the survivors?   As players are moved like pawns across the galactic board, what is the final goal? And who are the ones moving them?   Welcome to Darktide.

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